Engineering Materials Objective Questions with Answers - Set 17

Practice Test: Question Set - 17

1. Hardness of steel depends on
    (A) Amount of carbon it contains
    (B) The shape and distribution of the carbides in iron
    (C) Method of fabrication
    (D) Contents of alloying elements

2. Free carbon in iron makes the metal
    (A) Soft and gives a coarse grained crystalline structure
    (B) Soft and gives a fine grained crystalline structure
    (C) Hard and gives a coarse grained crystalline structure
    (D) Hard and gives a fine grained crystalline structure

3. Maximum percentage of carbon in ferrite is
    (A) 0.025%
    (B) 0.06%
    (C) 0.1%
    (D) 0.25%

4. Tungsten when added to steel __________ the critical temperature.
    (A) Does not effect
    (B) Lowers
    (C) Raises
    (D) None of these

5. Corrosion resistance of steel is increased by addition of
    (A) Chromium and nickel
    (B) Sulphur, phosphorus, lead
    (C) Vanadium, aluminium
    (D) Tungsten, molybdenum, vanadium, chromium

6. The material widely used for making pendulums of clocks is
    (A) Stainless steel
    (B) High speed steel
    (C) Heat resisting steel
    (D) Nickel steel

7. The most effective inhibitor of grain growth, when added in small quantities is
    (A) Carbon
    (B) Vanadium
    (C) Manganese
    (D) Cobalt

8. The property of a material due to which it breaks with little permanent distortion, is called
    (A) Brittleness
    (B) Ductility
    (C) Malleability
    (D) Plasticity

9. Depth of hardness of steel is increased by addition of
    (A) Nickel
    (B) Chromium
    (C) Tungsten
    (D) Vanadium

10. When filing or machining cast iron makes our hands black, then it shows that ________ is present in cast iron.
    (A) Cementite
    (B) Free graphite
    (C) Both ‘A’ and ‘B’
    (D) None of these

11. Railway rails are normally made of
    (A) Mild steel
    (B) Alloy steel
    (C) High carbon
    (D) Tungsten steel

12. The carbon in the pig iron varies from
    (A) 0.1 to 0.5%
    (B) 0.5 to 1%
    (C) 1 to 5%
    (D) 5 to 10%

13. Machining properties of steel are improved by adding
    (A) Sulphur, lead, phosphorous
    (B) Silicon, aluminium, titanium
    (C) Vanadium, aluminium
    (D) Chromium, nickel

14. The hardness of steel depends upon the
    (A) Amount of cementite it contains
    (B) Amount of carbon it contains
    (C) Contents of alloying elements
    (D) Method of manufacture of steel

15. Eutectoid steel contains following percentage of carbon
    (A) 0.02%
    (B) 0.3%
    (C) 0.63%
    (D) 0.8%

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