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Practice Test: Question Set - 14

1. Recrystallization temperature is one
    (A) At which crystals first start forming from molten metal when it is cooled
    (B) At which new spherical crystals first begin to form from the old deformed one when a strained metal is heated
    (C) At which change of allotropic form takes place
    (D) At which crystals grow bigger in size

2. The charge is fed into the blast furnace through the
    (A) Stack
    (B) Throat
    (C) Bosh
    (D) Tyres

3. Delta iron occurs at temperature of
    (A) Room temperature
    (B) Above melting point
    (C) Between 1400°C and 1539°C
    (D) Between 910°C and 1400°C

4. The property of a material essential for spring materials is
    (A) Stiffness
    (B) Ductility
    (C) Resilience
    (D) Plasticity

5. Which of the following constituents of steels is softest and least strong?
    (A) Austenite
    (B) Pearlite
    (C) Ferrite
    (D) Cementite

6. Which of the following is an amorphous material?
    (A) Mica
    (B) Silver
    (C) Lead
    (D) Glass

7. The following types of materials are usually the most ductile
    (A) Face centered cubic lattice
    (B) Body centered cubic lattice
    (C) Hexagonal close packed lattice
    (D) All of the above

8. Chromium when added to steel _________ the tensile strength.
    (A) Does not effect
    (B) Decreases
    (C) Increases
    (D) None of these

9. Pure iron is the structure of
    (A) Ferrite
    (B) Pearlite
    (C) Austenite
    (D) Ferrite and cementite

10. The lower critical temperature
    (A) Decreases as the carbon content in steel increases
    (B) Increases as the carbon content in steel increases
    (C) Is same for all steels
    (D) Depends upon the rate of heating

11. Gamma iron exits at following temperature
    (A) Room temperature
    (B) Near melting point
    (C) Between 1400°C and 1539°C
    (D) Between 910°C and 1400°C

12. In induction hardening ________ is high.
    (A) Current
    (B) Voltage
    (C) Frequency
    (D) Temperature

13. Paramagnetic alpha iron changes to gamma iron at
    (A) 770°C
    (B) 910°C
    (C) 1440°C
    (D) 1539°C

14. Which of the following statements are true for annealing of steels?
    (A) Steels are heated to 500 to 700°C
    (B) Cooling is done slowly and steadily
    (C) Internal stresses are relieved
    (D) All of these

15. The crystal structure of gamma iron is
    (A) Body centered cubic
    (B) Face centered cubic
    (C) Hexagonal close packed
    (D) Cubic structure

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