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Practice Test: Question Set - 02

1. When two elastic bodies collide with each other,
    (A) The two bodies will momentarily come to rest after collision
    (B) The two bodies tend to compress and deform at the surface of contact
    (C) The two bodies begin to regain their original shape
    (D) All of the above

2. The coefficient of friction depends upon
    (A) Nature of surfaces
    (B) Area of contact
    (C) Shape of the surfaces
    (D) All of the above

3. The angular velocity (in rad/s) of a body rotating at N revolutions per minute is
    (A) πN/60
    (B) πN/180
    (C) 2πN/60
    (D) 2πN/180

4. A block of mass m1, placed on an inclined smooth plane is connected by a light string passing over a smooth pulley to mass m2, which moves vertically downwards as shown in the below figure. The tension in the string is

    (A) m1/m2
    (B) m1. g. sin α
    (C) m1.m2/m1 + m2
    (D) m1. m2.g (1 + sin α)/(m1 + m2)

5. In determining stresses in frames by methods of sections, the frame is divided into two parts by an imaginary section drawn in such a way as not to cut more than
    (A) Two members with unknown forces of the frame
    (B) Three members with unknown forces of the frame
    (C) Four members with unknown forces of the frame
    (D) Three members with known forces of the frame

6. A machine having an efficiency greater than 50%, is known as
    (A) Reversible machine
    (B) Non-reversible machine
    (C) Neither reversible nor non-reversible machine
    (D) Ideal machine

7. The algebraic sum of moments of the forces forming couple about any point in their plane is
    (A) Equal to the moment of the couple
    (B) Constant
    (C) Both of above are correct
    (D) Both of above are wrong

8. In the lever of third order, load ‘W’, effort ‘P’ and fulcrum ‘F’ are oriented as follows
    (A) W between P and F
    (B) F between W and P
    (C) P between W and F
    (D) W, P and F all on one side

9. Which of the following statement is correct?
    (A) The algebraic sum of the forces, constituting the couple is zero
    (B) The algebraic sum of the forces, constituting the couple, about any point is the same
    (C) A couple cannot be balanced by a single force but can be balanced only by a couple of opposite sense
    (D) All of the above

10. A heavy ladder resting on floor and against a vertical wall may not be in equilibrium, if
    (A) The floor is smooth, the wall is rough
    (B) The floor is rough, the wall is smooth
    (C) The floor and wall both are smooth surfaces
    (D) The floor and wall both are rough surfaces

11. The skidding away of the vehicle on a level circular path can be avoided if the force of friction between the wheels and the ground is __________ the centrifugal force.
    (A) Less than
    (B) Greater than
    (C) Equal to
    (D) None of these

12. Coulomb friction is the friction between
    (A) Bodies having relative motion
    (B) Two dry surfaces
    (C) Two lubricated surfaces
    (D) Solids and liquids

13. The time of flight (t) of a projectile on an upward inclined plane is(where u = Velocity of projection, α = Angle of projection, and β = Inclination of the plane with the horizontal.)
    (A) t = g cos β/2u sin (α - β)
    (B) t = 2u sin (α - β)/g cos β
    (C) t = g cos β/2u sin (α + β)
    (D) t = 2u sin (α + β)/g cos β

14. Which of the following is the example of lever of first order?
    (A) Arm of man
    (B) Pair of scissors
    (C) Pair of clinical tongs
    (D) All of the above

15. Three forces acting on a rigid body are represented in magnitude, direction and line of action by the three sides of a triangle taken in order. The forces are equivalent to a couple whose moment is equal to
    (A) Area of the triangle
    (B) Twice the area of the triangle
    (C) Half the area of the triangle
    (D) None of these

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