Online General Knowledge Test - GK National Basic : Section 1

G.K. Practice Test: Question Set - 07

1. How many districts are there in Meghalaya?
    (A) 11
    (B) 2
    (C) 5
    (D) 9

2. In big cities like Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai police is headed by a
    (A) Commissioner of Police
    (B) Inspector General of Police
    (C) Deputy Inspector General of Police
    (D) None of the above

3. Indian Institute of Petroleum is located at
    (A) Dehradun
    (B) Kolkata
    (C) Dhanbad
    (D) New Delhi

4. Who among the following is not a dancer?
    (A) Uma Sharma
    (B) Girja Devi
    (C) Pt. Birju Maharaj
    (D) Shobha Narayan

5. Who among the following is not an author?
    (A) Arundhati Roy
    (B) Mahasweta Devi
    (C) Jhumpa Lahiri
    (D) Kalpana Chawla

6. Who among the following has coined the term ‘Hindu Rate of Growth’?
    (A) Dr. Raj Krishna
    (B) Shri K. C. Pant
    (C) Dr. Man Mohan Singh
    (D) Rd. Y. K. Alagh

7. Which of the following is essentially a solo dance?
    (A) Kathak
    (B) Kuchipudi
    (C) Mohiniattam
    (D) Manipuri

8. The last ‘Mahakumbha’ of the 20th century was held at
    (A) Hardwar
    (B) Nasik
    (C) Ujjain
    (D) Allahabad

9. The tenure of SEBI Chairman has been increased to
    (A) Six years
    (B) Two years
    (C) Four years
    (D) Five years

10. Which of the following is not related to disarmament?
    (A) SALT
    (B) NPT
    (C) CTBT
    (D) NATO

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GK National : Section 1
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