Fluid Mechanics Objective Questions with Answers - Set 07

Practice Test: Question Set - 07

1. The depth of center of pressure of an immersed surface, inclined at an angle 'θ' with the liquid surface lies at a distance equal to __________ the center of gravity.
    (A) IG sin²θ/Abellow
    (B) IG sin²θ/Aabove
    (C) IG sinθ/Abellow
    (D) IG sinθ/Aabove

2. Principle of similitude forms the basis of
    (A) Comparing two identical equipments
    (B) Designing models so that the result can be converted to prototypes
    (C) Comparing similarity between design and actual equipment
    (D) Hydraulic designs

3. The rise of liquid along the walls of a revolving cylinder about the initial level is _________ the depression of the liquid at the axis of rotation.
    (A) Same as
    (B) Less than
    (C) More than
    (D) None of these

4. Hot wire anemometer is used to measure
    (A) Pressure in gases
    (B) Liquid discharge
    (C) Pressure in liquids
    (D) Gas velocities

5. Venturimeter is used to
    (A) Measure the velocity of a flowing liquid
    (B) Measure the pressure of a flowing liquid
    (C) Measure the discharge of liquid flowing in a pipe
    (D) Measure the pressure difference of liquid flowing between two points in a pipe line

6. The two important forces for a floating body are
    (A) Buoyancy, gravity
    (B) Buoyancy, pressure
    (C) Buoyancy, inertial
    (D) Inertial, gravity

7. The kinematic viscosity of an oil (in stokes) whose specific gravity is 0.95 and viscosity 0.011 poise, is
    (A) 0.0116 stoke
    (B) 0.116 stoke
    (C) 0.0611 stoke
    (D) 0.611 stoke

8. According to the principle of buoyancy a body totally or partially immersed in a fluid will be lifted up by a force equal to
    (A) The weight of the body
    (B) More than the weight of the body
    (C) Less than the weight of the body
    (D) Weight of the fluid displaced by the body

9. The pressure measured with the help of a pressure gauge is called
    (A) Atmospheric pressure
    (B) Gauge pressure
    (C) Absolute pressure
    (D) Mean pressure

10. The total pressure force on a plane area is equal to the area multiplied by the intensity of pressure at the Centroid, if
    (A) The area is horizontal
    (B) The area is vertical
    (C) The area is inclined
    (D) All of the above

11. The power absorbed (in watts) in overcoming the viscous resistance of a footstep bearing is
    (A) μ π³ N² R² /1800 t
    (B) μ π³ N² R⁴ /1800 t
    (C) μ π³ N² R² /3600 t
    (D) μ π³ N² R⁴ /3600 t

12. In order to increase sensitivity of U-tube manometer, one leg is usually inclined by angle 'θ'. Sensitivity of inclined tube to sensitivity of U-tube is equal to
    (A) Sinθ
    (B) 1/Sinθ
    (C) Cos θ
    (D) 1/Cosθ

13. The most economical section of a rectangular channel is one which has hydraulic mean depth or hydraulic radius equal to
    (A) Half the depth
    (B) Half the breadth
    (C) Twice the depth
    (D) Twice the breadth

14. Capillary action is due to the
    (A) Surface tension
    (B) Cohesion of the liquid
    (C) Adhesion of the liquid molecules and the molecules on the surface of a solid
    (D) All of the above

15. The intensity of pressure on an immersed surface __________ with the increase in depth.
    (A) Does not change
    (B) Increases
    (C) Decreases
    (D) None of these

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