Hydraulics and Fluid Mechanics online Test - Set 09

Practice Test: Question Set - 09

1. In a footstep bearing, if the speed of the shaft is doubled, then the torque required to overcome the viscous resistance will be
    (A) Double
    (B) Four times
    (C) Eight times
    (D) Sixteen times

2. The continuity equation is connected with
    (A) Open channel/pipe flow
    (B) Compressibility of fluids
    (C) Conservation of mass
    (D) Steady/unsteady flow

3. The most economical section of a trapezoidal channel is one which has hydraulic mean depth equal to
    (A) 1/2 × depth
    (B) 1/2 × breadth
    (C) 1/2 × sloping side
    (D) 1/4 × (depth + breadth)

4. The speed of sound in a ideal gas varies directly as it’s
    (A) Absolute temperature
    (B) Temperature
    (C) Density
    (D) Modulus of elasticity

5. The absolute pressure is equal to
    (A) Gauge pressure + atmospheric pressure
    (B) Gauge pressure - atmospheric pressure
    (C) Atmospheric pressure - gauge pressure
    (D) Gauge pressure - vacuum pressure

6. Unit of surface tension is
    (A) Energy/unit area
    (B) Velocity/unit area
    (C) Both of the above
    (D) It has no units

7. A Piezometer tube is used only for measuring
    (A) Low pressure
    (B) High pressure
    (C) Moderate pressure
    (D) Vacuum pressure

8. The capillary rise at 20°C in a clean glass tube of 1 mm bore containing water is approximately
    (A) 5 mm
    (B) 10 mm
    (C) 20 mm
    (D) 30 mm

9. The Cipoletti weir is a __________ weir.
    (A) Rectangular
    (B) Triangular
    (C) Trapezoidal
    (D) Circular

10. Pressure of the order of 10" torr can be measured by
    (A) Bourdon tube
    (B) Pirani Gauge
    (C) Micro-manometer
    (D) Lonisation gauge

11. The volume of a fluid __________ as the pressure increases.
    (A) Remains same
    (B) Decreases
    (C) Increases
    (D) None of these

12. Buoyant force is
    (A) The resultant force acting on a floating body
    (B) The resultant force on a body due to the fluid surrounding it
    (C) Equal to the volume of liquid displaced
    (D) The force necessary to maintain equilibrium of a submerged body

13. A flow through a long pipe at decreasing rate is called __________ uniform flow.
    (A) Steady
    (B) Unsteady
    (C) Both A and B
    (D) None of these

14. Choose the wrong statement
    (A) The center of buoyancy is located at the center of gravity of the displaced liquid
    (B) For stability of a submerged body, the center of gravity of body must lie directly below the center of buoyancy
    (C) If C.G. and center of buoyancy coincide, the submerged body must lie at neutral equilibrium for all positions
    (D) All floating bodies are stable

15. The intensity of pressure at any point, in a liquid, is __________ to the depth of liquid from the surface.
    (A) Equal
    (B) Directly proportional
    (C) Inversely proportional
    (D) None of these

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