MECHANICAL, Strength of Material Online Practice Test - Set 17

Practice Test: Question Set - 17

1. When a load on the free end of a cantilever beam is increased, failure will occur
    (A) At the free end
    (B) At the fixed end
    (C) In the middle of the beam
    (D) At a distance 2l/3 from free end

2. The rectangular beam 'A ' has length l, width b and depth d. Another beam 'B' has the same width and depth but length is double that of 'A'. The elastic strength of beam 'B' will be __________ as compared to beam A.
    (A) Same
    (B) One-half
    (C) One-fourth
    (D) One-eighth

3. In leaf springs, the maximum bending stress developed in the plates is (where W = Load acting on the spring, l = Span of the spring, n = Number of plates, b = Width of plates, and t = Thickness of plates)
    (A) Wl/nbt²
    (B) 3Wl/2nbt²
    (C) 2Wl/nbt²
    (D) 3Wl/nbt²

4. The extension of a circular bar tapering uniformly from diameter d₁ at one end to diameter d₂ at the other end, and subjected to an axial pull of P is _________ the extension of a circular bar of diameter d₁ d₂ subjected to the same load P.
    (A) Equal to
    (B) Less than
    (C) Greater than
    (D) None of these

5. In a thick cylindrical shell subjected to an internal pressure (p), the radial stress across the thickness of the cylinder is
    (A) Maximum at the outer surface and minimum at the inner surface
    (B) Maximum at the inner surface and minimum at the outer surface
    (C) Maximum at the outer surface and zero at the inner surface
    (D) Maximum at the inner surface arid zero at the outer surface

6. A column with maximum equivalent length has
    (A) Both ends hinged
    (B) Both ends fixed
    (C) One end fixed and the other end hinged
    (D) One end fixed and the other end free

7. The ratio of change in volume to the original volume is called
    (A) Linear strain
    (B) Lateral strain
    (C) Volumetric strain
    (D) Poisson's ratio

8. Which of the following statement is wrong?
    (A) In the theory of simple bending, the assumption is that the plane sections before bending remains plane after bending.
    (B) In a beam subjected to bending moment, the strain is directly proportional to the distance from the neutral axis.
    (C) At the neutral axis of a beam, the bending stress is maximum.
    (D) The bending stress in a beam is inversely proportional to the section modulus.

9. The polar moment of inertia of a solid circular shaft of diameter (D) is
    (A) πD³/16
    (B) πD³/32
    (C) πD⁴/32
    (D) πD⁴/64

10. In Mohr's circle, the center of circle from Y-axis is taken as
    (A) (σx - σ)/2
    (B) (σx + σy)/2
    (C) [(σx - σy)/2] + τ
    (D) [(σx + σy)/2] + τ

11. Shear strength of the welded joint for double parallel fillet is (where τ = Allowable shear stress for weld metal)
    (A) 0.5 s.l
    (B) s.l
    (C) √2 s.l
    (D) 2.s.l

12. When a shaft, is subjected to torsion, the shear stress induced in the shaft varies from
    (A) Minimum at the center to maximum at the circumference
    (B) Maximum at the center to minimum at the circumference
    (C) Zero at the center to maximum at the circumference
    (D) Maximum at the center to zero at the circumference

13. The strain energy stored in a body, when the load is gradually applied, is (where σ = Stress in the material of the body, V = Volume of the body, and E = Modulus of elasticity of the material)
    (A) σE/V
    (B) σV/E
    (C) σ²E/2V
    (D) σ²V/2E

14. At the neutral axis of a beam, the shear stress is
    (A) Zero
    (B) Minimum
    (C) Maximum
    (D) Infinity

15. In a stress-strain diagram for mild steel, as shown in the below figure, the point ‘A represents

    (A) Elastic limit
    (B) Upper yield point
    (C) Lower yield point
    (D) Breaking point

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