Basic Science Gk On Scientific Inventions

G.K. Practice Test: Question Set - 13

1. In which year was MIDI introduced?
    (A) 1987
    (B) 1983
    (C) 1973
    (D) 1977

2. What Elmer A. Sperry invented?
    (A) Hydroplane
    (B) Hydraulic turbine
    (C) Magnetic compass
    (D) Gyrocompass

3. Who invented Dynamite?
    (A) Sir Alexander Graham Bell
    (B) Benjamin Franklin
    (C) Thomas Alva Edison
    (D) Alfred B. Nobel

4. In which decade was the AEEE (now the IEEE) founded?
    (A) 1850s
    (B) 1880s
    (C) 1930s
    (D) 1950s

5. Who invented Bicycle?
    (A) Leo H Baekeland
    (B) Karl Benz
    (C) Evangelista Torricelli
    (D) Kirkpatrick Macmillan

6. What Frank Whittle invented?
    (A) Radar
    (B) Ethyl gasoline
    (C) Sonar
    (D) Jet propulsion

7. When was the first Lionel trains manufactured?
    (A) 1920
    (B) 1890
    (C) 1901
    (D) 1944

8. Who invented Bakelite?
    (A) Charles Goodyear
    (B) Leo Hendrik Baekeland
    (C) Roy Plunkett
    (D) Henry Ford

9. Who invented the battery?
    (A) John Wilkinson
    (B) Alessandro Volta
    (C) James Hargreaves
    (D) Thomas Edison

10. When was the toothbrush invented?
    (A) 1770
    (B) 1765
    (C) 1790
    (D) 1742

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