Questions with answers Basic National general knowledge - Set 03

G.K. Practice Test: Question Set - 03

1. “Bhogali Bihu” is a festival of
    (A) Assam
    (B) Orissa
    (C) Gujarat
    (D) Rajasthan

2. The director of the film “Roja” is
    (A) Rituparna Ghosh
    (B) Mani Ratnam
    (C) Aparna Sen
    (D) Hrishikesh Mukherjee

3. Classical dance having its roots in Tamil Nadu is
    (A) Kathakali
    (B) Kathak 
    (C) Kuchipudi
    (D) Bharat Natyam

4. On which English movie is the one of Hit Hindi film “Pyar To Hona Hi Tha” based?
    (A) Scent of a Woman
    (B) French Kiss
    (C) The Crow
    (D) Air Force One

5. The total area of India is about
    (A) 31 lakh Square kilometers
    (B) 33 lakh Square kilometers
    (C) 320 lakh Square kilometers
    (D) 35 lakh Square kilometers

6. What is the correct chronological sequence of the following?
    I. Gandhi-Irwin Pact
    II. Nehru Report
    III. Non-Cooperation Movement
    IV. Quit India Movement
    (A) III, IV, I, II
    (B) III, II, I, IV
    (C) II, III, IV, I
    (D) III, III, I, IV

7. Which of the following is the oldest English Daily in India?
    (A) The Times of India
    (B) The Hindustan Times
    (C) The Tribune
    (D) The Indian Express

8. Nagarjuna Sagar dam is built across the river
    (A) Cauvery
    (B) Krishna
    (C) Narmada
    (D) Godavari

9. Which of the following is the head-quarter of north-eastern railway?
    (A) Guwahati
    (B) Gorakhpur
    (C) Secunderabad
    (D) Hajipur

10. Konkan Railway project connects which of the following cities?
    (A) Ernakulum-Mangalore
    (B) Mumbai-Goa
    (C) Quilon-Mangalore
    (D) Roha-Mangalore

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