Scientific Inventions Objective Questions and Answers - Set 12

G.K. Practice Test: Question Set - 12

1. Who invented Jet Engine?
    (A) Sir Frank Whittle
    (B) Gottlieb Daimler
    (C) Roger Bacon
    (D) Lewis E. Waterman

2. In which decade was the telephone invented?
    (A) 1850s
    (B) 1860s
    (C) 1870s
    (D) 1880s

3. When was Monopoly created?
    (A) 1940s
    (B) 1930s
    (C) 1920s
    (D) 1950s

4. Who is the English physicist responsible for the 'Big Bang Theory'?
    (A) Albert Einstein
    (B) Michael Skube
    (C) George Gamow
    (D) Roger Penrose

5. Who had an explosive idea and first patented DYNAMITE?
    (A) J. R. Gluber
    (B) A. Nobel
    (C) G. Fawks
    (D) W. Bickford

6. Which of the following was first patented by an Australian in 1889?
    (A) Electric Drill
    (B) Electric Shaver
    (C) Electric Fence
    (D) Electric Heater

7. When were blue jeans invented?
    (A) 1900s
    (B) 1860s
    (C) 1870s
    (D) 1850s

8. Who invented Electric Generator?
    (A) Sir Alexander Graham Bell
    (B) Michael Faraday
    (C) Alfred B. Nobel
    (D) Thomas Alva Edison

9. What Igor Sikorsky invented?
    (A) Hydroplane
    (B) Jet engine airplane
    (C) Helicopter
    (D) Glider

10. When was the game Frisbee invented?
    (A) 1920s
    (B) 1900s
    (C) 1870s
    (D) 1890s

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