Units & Measurements GK Questions and Answers - Set 01

G.K. Practice Test: Question Set - 01

1. What is the unit for measuring the amplitude of a sound?
    (A) Decibel
    (B) Coulomb
    (C) Hum
    (D) Cycles

2. One nanometer is equal to
    (A) 10-6 m
    (B) 10-8 m
    (C) 10-9 m
    (D) 10-5 m

3. One fathom is equal to
    (A) 6 feet
    (B) 6 meters
    (C) 60 feet
    (D) 100 cm

4. Light year is a measurement of
    (A) Speed of aeroplanes
    (B) Speed of light
    (C) Stellar distances
    (D) Speed of rockets

5. One kilometer is equal to how many miles?
    (A) 0.84
    (B) 0.5
    (C) 1.6
    (D) 0.62

6. 'Bar' is the unit of
    (A) Temperature
    (B) Heat
    (C) Atmospheric pressure
    (D) Current

7. Nautical mile is a unit of distance used in
    (A) Navigation
    (B) Road mile
    (C) Astronomy
    (D) Measuring the boundaries of a nation

8. How many Dynes are there in 1 gram weight?
    (A) 900
    (B) 375
    (C) 981
    (D) 250

9. Joule is the unit of
    (A) Temperature
    (B) Pressure
    (C) Energy
    (D) Heat

10. How many Ergs are there in 1 joule?
    (A) 102
    (B) 104
    (C) 106
    (D) 107

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