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    Units & Measurements MCQ Test - Set 03

    G.K. Practice Test: Question Set - 03

    1. The unit of current is
      (A) Ohm
      (B) Watt
      (C) Ampere
      (D) None of the above

    2. The unit of energy in MKS system is
      (A) Volt
      (B) Erg
      (C) Ohm
      (D) Joule

    3. The instrument used to measure electric current is
      (A) Ammeter
      (B) Electrometer
      (C) Galvanometer
      (D) Spectrometer

    4. Name the instrument used to measure relative humidity
      (A) Hydrometer
      (B) Hygrometer
      (C) Barometer
      (D) Mercury Thermometer

    5. Nautical mile is a unit of distance in
      (A) Navigation
      (B) Space
      (C) Aviation
      (D) None of these

    6. HP stands for
      (A) Harmonic Progression
      (B) Horse Power
      (C) Both (A) and (B)
      (D) None of the above

    7. Which temperature in Celsius scale is equal to 300 K?
      (A) 30°C
      (B) 27°C
      (C) 300°C
      (D) None of these

    8. Richter scale is used for measuring
      (A) Density of liquid
      (B) Intensity of earthquakes
      (C) Velocity of wind
      (D) Humidity of air

    9. The instrument used in IC Engine to charge air with fuel vapour is:
      (A) Carburettor
      (B) Dynamometer
      (C) Fuel Pump
      (D) Fuel Injector

    10. The instrument used in aircrafts to measure the altitude above a fixed level is:
      (A) Ammeter
      (B) Audiometer
      (C) Anemometer
      (D) Altimeter

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