Questions on GDCE - Indian Railway Employee - Set 10

RRB Practice Test: Question Set - 10

1. In a scissors crossover, the crossings provided are
    (i) 2 obtuse angle crossings
    (ii) 4 obtuse angle crossings
    (iii) 4 acute angle crossings
    (iv) 6 acute angle crossings.
The correct answer is
    (A) (i) and (iii)
    (B) (i)and(iv)
    (C) (ii) and (iii)
    (D) (ii) and (iv)

2. On a single rail track, goods trains loaded with heavy iron material run starting from A to B and then empty wagons run from B to A. The amount of creep in the rails
    (A) Will be more in the direction of B to A
    (B) Will be more in the direction of A to B
    (C) Will be maximum at the middle of A and B
    (D) Cannot be determined from the given data

3. The recommended depth of ballast cushion on a curved portion of a track is provided under the __________ edge of the sleeper.
    (A) Upper
    (B) Middle
    (C) Inner
    (D) Outer

4. Creep is the _________ movement of rails.
    (A) Longitudinal
    (B) Diagonal
    (C) Horizontal
    (D) Vertical

5. The head of a gang in maintenance organization of railway is called:
    (A) P.W.I
    (B) Key-man
    (C) Ganger
    (D) A.P.W.I

6. Points and crossings are provided for change of _________ on permanent ways.
    (A) Gauge
    (B) Direction and gradient
    (C) Direction
    (D) Gradient

7. The additional track connected to main line at both of its ends is called:
    (A) Running line
    (B) Loop line
    (C) Main line
    (D) None are correct

8. The force which resists the forward movement and speed of train is called:
    (A) Track modulus
    (B) Hauling resistance
    (C) Friction
    (D) Tractive resistance

9. Gauge is the distance measured in place of the between which faces of two parallel rails in a track.
    (A) Inner faces
    (B) Centre line of one rail to inner face of other rail
    (C) Centre lines
    (D) Outer faces

10. The point up to which the new railway track laid, at any time is called:
    (A) Terminal
    (B) Station
    (C) Rail-head
    (D) Base

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