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Practice Test: Question Set - 21

1. Viscosity of water in comparison to mercury is
    (A) Higher
    (B) Lower
    (C) Same
    (D) Higher/lower depending on temperature

2. The power transmitted through the pipe is maximum when the head lost due to friction is equal to
    (A) One-fourth of the total supply head
    (B) One-third of the total supply head
    (C) One-half of the total supply head
    (D) Two-third of the total supply head

3. Falling drops of water become spheres due to the property of
    (A) Adhesion
    (B) Cohesion
    (C) Surface tension
    (D) Viscosity

4. A hemispherical tank of radius (R) has an orifice of cross-sectional area (a) at its bottom and is full of liquid. The time required to empty the tank completely is
    (A) 14π R1/2/15Cd × a √(2g)
    (B) 14π R3/2/15Cd × a √(2g)
    (C) 14π R5/2/15Cd × a √(2g)
    (D) 14π R7/2/15Cd × a √(2g)

5. The difference of pressure between the inside and outside of a liquid drop is
    (A) p = T × r
    (B) p = T/r
    (C) p = T/2r
    (D) p = 2T/r

6. A venturi-flume is used to measure
    (A) Pressure of liquid
    (B) Discharge of liquid
    (C) Pressure difference between two points in a channel
    (D) Pressure difference between two points in a pipe

7. Working principle of dead weight pressure gauge tester is based on
    (A) Pascal's law
    (B) Dalton's law of partial pressure
    (C) Newton's law of viscosity
    (D) Avogadro's hypothesis

8. The meatcentric height of a ship is 0.6 m and the radius of gyration is 4 m. The time of rolling of a ship is
    (A) 4.1 sec
    (B) 5.2 sec
    (C) 10.4 sec
    (D) 14.1 sec

9. The discharge through a channel of rectangular section will be maximum, if
    (A) Its depth is twice the breadth
    (B) Its breadth is twice the depth
    (C) Its depth is thrice the breadth
    (D) Its breadth is thrice the depth

10. The discharge through a channel of circular section will be maximum when the depth of water is __________ the diameter of the circular channel.
    (A) 0.34 times
    (B) 0.67 times
    (C) 0.81 times
    (D) 0.95 times

11. Uniform flow occurs when
    (A) The flow is steady
    (B) The flow is streamline
    (C) Size and shape of the cross section in a particular length remain constant
    (D) Size and cross section change uniformly along length

12. Bulk modulus of a fluid is the ratio of
    (A) Shear stress to shear strain
    (B) Increase in volume to the viscosity of fluid
    (C) Increase in pressure to the volumetric strain
    (D) Critical velocity to the viscosity of fluid

13. The pressure in Pascal’s at a depth of 1 m below the free surface of a body of water will be equal to
    (A) 1 Pa
    (B) 91 Pa
    (C) 981 Pa
    (D) 9810 Pa

14. An average value of coefficient of velocity is
    (A) 0.62
    (B) 0.76
    (C) 0.84
    (D) 0.97

15. A liquid would wet the solid, if adhesion forces as compared to cohesion forces are
    (A) Less
    (B) More
    (C) Equal
    (D) Less at low temperature and more at high temperature

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