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    Hydraulics online Practice Tests - Set 27

    Practice Test: Question Set - 27

    1. Rain drops are spherical because of
      (A) Viscosity
      (B) Air resistance
      (C) Surface tension forces
      (D) Atmospheric pressure

    2. The discharge over the trapezoidal notch is equal to the discharge over the rectangular notch __________ the discharge over the triangular notch.
      (A) Plus
      (B) Minus
      (C) Divide
      (D) None of these

    3. Ratio of inertia force to surface Jension is known as
      (A) Mach number
      (B) Froude number
      (C) Reynolds’s number
      (D) Weber's number

    4. The sheet of water flowing over a notch or a weir is known as
      (A) Sill or crest
      (B) Nappe or vein
      (C) Orifice
      (D) None of these

    5. A structure used to dam up a stream or river over which the water flows is called
      (A) Orifice
      (B) Notch
      (C) Weir
      (D) Dam

    6. A body floating in a liquid is said to be in neutral equilibrium, if its metacentre
      (A) Coincides with its centre of gravity
      (B) Lies above its centre of gravity
      (C) Lies below its centre of gravity
      (D) Lies between the centre of buoyancy and centre of gravity

    7. General energy equation holds for
      (A) Steady flow
      (B) Turbulent flow
      (C) Laminar flow
      (D) Non-uniform flow

    8. The buoyancy depends on
      (A) Mass of liquid displaced
      (B) Viscosity of the liquid
      (C) Pressure of the liquid displaced
      (D) Depth of immersion

    9. The centre of gravity of the volume of the liquid displaced is called
      (A) Centre of pressure
      (B) Centre of buoyancy
      (C) Metacentre
      (D) None of these

    10. The Reynold's number of a ship is __________ to its velocity and length.
      (A) Directly proportional
      (B) Inversely proportional
      (C) Square root of velocity
      (D) None of these

    11. With an increase in size of tube, the rise or depression of liquid in the tube due to surface tension will
      (A) Decrease
      (B) Increase
      (C) Remain unchanged
      (D) Depend upon the characteristics of liquid

    12. Gauge pressure at a point is equal to the absolute pressure __________ the atmospheric pressure.
      (A) Plus
      (B) Minus
      (C) Divide
      (D) Multiply

    13. The dynamic viscosity of gases __________ with rise in temperature.
      (A) Remain unaffected
      (B) Increases
      (C) Decreases
      (D) None of these

    14. The resultant upward pressure of the fluid on an immersed body due to its tendency to uplift the submerged body is called
      (A) Up-thrust
      (B) Reaction
      (C) Buoyancy
      (D) Metacentre

    15. The purpose of a surge tank is
      (A) To control the pressure variations due to rapid changes in the pipe line flow
      (B) To eliminate water hammer possibilities
      (C) To regulate flow of water to turbines by providing necessary retarding head of water
      (D) All of the above

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