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GK Practice Test: Question Set - 06

1. What do you call a computer on a network that requests files from another computer?
    (A) A client
    (B) A host
    (C) A router
    (D) A web server

2. Hardware devices that are not part of the main computer system and are often added later to the system.
    (A) Peripheral
    (B) Clip art
    (C) Highlight
    (D) Execute

3. The main computer that stores the files that can be sent to computers that are networked together is:
    (A) Clip art
    (B) Mother board
    (C) Peripheral
    (D) File server

4. How can you catch a computer virus?
    (A) Sending e-mail messages
    (B) Using a laptop during the winter
    (C) Opening e-mail attachments
    (D) Shopping on-line

5. Google (www.google.com) is a:
    (A) Search Engine
    (B) Number in Math
    (C) Directory of images
    (D) Chat service on the web

6. Which is not an Internet protocol?
    (A) HTTP
    (B) FTP
    (C) STP
    (D) IP

7. Which of the following is not a valid domain name?
    (A) www.yahoo.com
    (B) www.yahoo.co.uk
    (C) www.com.yahoo
    (D) www.yahoo.co.in

8. AOL stands for:
    (A) Arranged Outer Line
    (B) America Over LAN
    (C) Audio Over LAN
    (D) America On-line

9. Another name for a computer chip is:
    (A) Execute
    (B) Micro chip
    (C) Microprocessor
    (D) Select

10. "www" stands for:
    (A) World Wide Web
    (B) World Wide Wares
    (C) World Wide Wait
    (D) World Wide War

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