Construction Planning and Management Objective Questions and Answers - Set 01

Practice Test: Question Set - 01

1. In time-cost optimization of a project, crashing is done.
    (A) On all the activities
    (B) On all the activities lying on the critical path
    (C) Only on activities lying on the original critical path and having flatter cost slopes
    (D) On original critical activities and those that become critical at any stage of crashing in the order of ascending cost slope

2. Which of the following does not represent an activity?
    (A) Site located
    (B) Foundation is being dug
    (C) The office area is being cleaned
    (D) The invitations are being sent

3. In resources levelling
    (A) Total duration of project is reduced
    (B) Total duration of project is increased
    (C) Uniform demand of resources is achieved
    (D) Cost of project is controlled

4. Sensitivity analysis is a study of
    (A) Comparison of profit and loss
    (B) Comparison of assets and liabilities
    (C) Change in output due to change in input
    (D) Economics of cost and benefits of the project

5. Preliminary project report for a road project must contain
    (A) The detailed estimated cost based on detailed design
    (B) The several alternatives of the project that have been considered
    (C) The soil survey, traffic survey, concept design and approximate cost
    (D) The contract documents for inviting tenders

6. For which of the following materials, the output of power shovels for a fixed shovel size will be maximum
    (A) Moist loam
    (B) Good common earth
    (C) Well blasted rock
    (D) Wet sticky clay

7. If the output of a drag-line for 90° angle of swing at optimum depth of cut is X, then the output for 120° angle of swing at 120 % of optimum depth of cut will be
    (A) Equal to X
    (B) More than X
    (C) Less than X
    (D) Any of the above

8. In PERT analysis, the time estimates of activities and probability of their occurrence follow
    (A) Normal distribution curve
    (B) Poisson's distribution curve
    (C) Beta distribution curve
    (D) None of the above

9. Free float is mainly used to
    (A) Identify the activities which can be delayed without affecting the total float of preceding activity
    (B) Identify the activities, which can be delayed without affecting the total float of succeeding activity
    (C) Establish priorities
    (D) Identify the activities which can be delayed without affecting the total float of either the preceding or succeeding activities

10. Grader is used mainly for
    (A) Trimming and finishing
    (B) Shaping and trimming
    (C) Finishing and shaping
    (D) Finishing, shaping and trimming

11. Which of the following surfaces will give highest rolling resistance for a rubber tyred vehicle?
    (A) Concrete
    (B) Loose sand
    (C) Asphalt
    (D) Firm earth

12. Which of the following earth moving machines has the shortest cycle time?
    (A) Drag line
    (B) Hoe
    (C) Clam shell
    (D) Dipper shovel

13. Updating may result in
    (A) Change of critical path
    (B) Decrease of project completion time
    (C) Increase of project completion time
    (D) All of the above

14. The time by which a particular activity can be delayed without affecting the preceding and succeeding activities is known as
    (A) Total float
    (B) Free float
    (C) Interfering float
    (D) Independent float

15. During the construction period, price variation clause in contracts caters to
    (A) Increase in rates of only important materials
    (B) Variation in cost in materials element, labour element and petrol-oil-lubricant element
    (C) Variation in total cost of the project on an ad hoc basis
    (D) Rate of inflation

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