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Practice Test: Question Set - 01

1. Which of the following conditions of loading imposes the greatest load on the foundation in case of dry docks?
    (A) When the dock is empty
    (B) When the dock is empty with the ship of maximum tonnage
    (C) When the dock is full of water
    (D) When the dock is dry and is under construction

2. Which of the following structures are constructed parallel to shore line to develop a demarcating line between land area and water area?
    (A) Sea walls, bulk heads and groynes
    (B) Sea walls, bulk heads and revetments
    (C) Sea walls, revetments and groynes
    (D) Bulk heads, revetments and groynes

3. In multiple point mooring system, vessel is secured to minimum of
    (A) Two points
    (B) Four points
    (C) Six points
    (D) Eight points

4. As compared to wall type breakwater, mound type breakwater
    (A) Requires skilled labor
    (B) Requires low maintenance cost
    (C) Requires less material
    (D) Results in less damage due to gradual failure

5. In a two lane channel, bottom width of channel is given by
    (A) Manoeuvring lane + (2 × Bank clearance lane)
    (B) (2 × Manoeuvring lane) + (2 × Bank clearance lane)
    (C) (2 × Manoeuvring lane) + (2 × Bank clearance lane + ship clearance lane)
    (D) Manoeuvring lane + (2 × Bank clearance lane) + ship clearance lane

6. In basins subjected to strong winds and tide, the length of the berthing area should not be less than
    (A) The length of design vessel
    (B) The length of design vessel + 10% clearance between adjacent vessels
    (C) The length of design vessel + 20% clearance between adjacent vessels
    (D) Twice the length of design vessel

7. A ship strikes the berth generally at an angle
    (A) 90° with the face of the dock
    (B) 45° with the face of the dock
    (C) 30° with the face of the dock
    (D) 10° with the face of the dock

8. If ‘Hs’ is the significant wave height, then the average wave height and highest wave height respectively are given by
    (A) 0.6 Hs and 1.67 Hs
    (B) 0.6 Hs and 1.87 Hs
    (C) 1.27 Hs and 1.87 Hs
    (D) 1.27 Hs and 1.67 Hs

9. The difference in height between highest high water and lowest low water is called
    (A) Mean range
    (B) Maximum range
    (C) Maximum rise
    (D) Mean rise

10. When a ship floats at its designed water line, the vertical distance from water line to the bottom of the ship is known as
    (A) Beam
    (B) Depth
    (C) Free-board
    (D) Draft

11. By increasing the rise of lock-gates,
    (i) The length of the lock gate will increase
    (ii) Transverse stress due to water pressure on the gate will increase
    (iii) Compressive force on the gate will increase
Of these statements
    (A) (i) and (ii) are correct
    (B) (i) and (iii) are correct
    (C) Only (ii) is correct
    (D) Only (iii) is correct

12. For designing the dock, the proportion of ship load assumed to be borne by keel blocks is
    (A) 5/8
    (B) 3/8
    (C) 3/16
    (D) 5/16

13. As per Berlin's formula, the length of wave in meters is given by
(Where  ’t’ is the period in seconds for two successive waves to pass the same section.)
    (A) 1.3412
    (B) 1.5612
    (C) 1.7412
    (D) 1.9412

14. When a wave strikes a vertical breakwater in deep water, it is reflected back and on meeting another advancing wave of similar amplitude merges and rises vertically in a wall of water. This phenomenon is called
    (A) Surf
    (B) Clapotis
    (C) Fetch
    (D) Swell

15. Select the incorrect statement.
    (A) The progress of work in low level method of mound construction is very slow
    (B) Barge method of mound construction is economical
    (C) In low level method of mound construction, the area of working is limited
    (D) In staging method of mound construction, the work is not interrupted even during stormy weather

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