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    GK Quiz on Indian History - Set 05

    G.K. Practice Test: Question Set - 05

    1. The term Nirgrantha is associated with
      (A) Ajivikas
      (B) Charvakas
      (C) Jainas
      (D) Pasupatas

    2. The Battle of Plassey was fought in
      (A) 1757
      (B) 1782
      (C) 1748
      (D) 1764

    3. To which of the following dynasties did King Bhoja, a great patron of literature and art, belong?
      (A) Karkota
      (B) Utpala
      (C) Paramara
      (D) Gurjara Pratihara

    4. The ultimate ownership of land during the post-Gupta period lay with
      (A) The cultivator
      (B) The village community
      (C) The king
      (D) The joint family

    5. The system of Dual Government during the latter half of the 18th century AD is associated with the name of
      (A) Clive
      (B) Comwallis
      (C) Warren Hastings
      (D) William Bentinck

    6. Pulakesin II was the most famous ruler of
      (A) Chalukyas
      (B) Cholas
      (C) Pallavas
      (D) Satavahanas

    7. The twenty-third Jaina teacher, Parsva, the immediate predecessor of Mahavira enjoined on his disciples four great vows. To these Mahavira addes which of the followings as the fifth vow?
      (A) Abstention from stealing
      (B) Non-injury
      (C) Brahmacharya or continence
      (D) Non-attachment

    8. To which king belongs the Lion capital at Sarnath?
      (A) Chandragupta
      (B) Ashoka
      (C) Kanishka
      (D) Harsha

    9. The term yavanika meant
      (A) Foreign goods
      (B) Dancer
      (C) Curtain
      (D) Theatre

    10. The Vijayanagara king who employed skilled archers of the Turkish clan and raised the fighting capacity of his bowmen was
      (A) Bukka I
      (B) Devaraya I
      (C) Krishnadevaraya
      (D) Ramaraya

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