Machine Design Multiple Choice Quiz - Set 38

Practice Test: Question Set - 38

1. A compound belt drive is used when
    (A) Shafts are arranged parallel and rotate in the opposite directions
    (B) Shafts are arranged parallel and rotate in the same directions
    (C) Shafts are arranged at right angles and rotate in one definite direction
    (D) None of the above

2. The application of second type levers is found in
    (A) Handle of a hand pump
    (B) Hand wheel of a punching press
    (C) Lever of a loaded safety valve
    (D) A pair of tongs

3. When a shaft is subjected to combined twisting moment (T) and bending moment (M), then the equivalent twisting moment is equal to
    (A) (1/2) ×(+)
    (B) (+)
    (C) (1/2) × [M +(+)]
    (D) M +(+)

4. For crank shaft bearings, the ratio of the length of the journal to its diameter is_________.
    (A) Less than unity
    (B) Greater than unity
    (C) Equal to 1
    (D) None of these

5. Pitch point of a cam is
    (A) A point on the pitch curve having minimum pressure angle
    (B) A point on the pitch curve having maximum pressure angle
    (C) Any point on the pitch curve
    (D) Any point on the pitch circle

6. The property of a bearing material which has the ability to accommodate small particles of dust, grit etc. without scoring the material of the journal, is called
    (A) Bondability
    (B) Embeddability
    (C) Comformability
    (D) Fatigue strength

7. The face angle of a bevel gear is equal to
    (A) Pitch angle - addendum angle
    (B) Pitch angle + addendum angle
    (C) Pitch angle - dedendum angle
    (D) Pitch angle + dedendum angle

8. A thin spherical shell of internal diameter d is subjected to an internal pressure p. If σt is the tensile stress for the shell material, then thickness of shell is equal to
    (A) pd/σt
    (B) pd/2σt
    (C) pd/3σt
    (D) pd/4σt

9. When the pulley or other mating piece is required to slide along the shaft, a __________ sunk key is used.
    (A) Rectangular
    (B) Square
    (C) Parallel
    (D) None of these

10. The algebraic difference between the maximum limit and the basic size is called
    (A) Lower deviation
    (B) Upper deviation
    (C) Actual deviation
    (D) Mean deviation

11. If b denotes the face width and L denotes the cone distance for a bevel gear, then the bevel factor is written as
    (A) b/L
    (B) b/2L
    (C) 1 - 2 b.L
    (D) 1 - (b/L)

12. In order to have smooth operation, the minimum number of teeth on the smaller sprocket, for moderate speeds, should be
    (A) 15
    (B) 17
    (C) 21
    (D) 25

13. The included angle for the British standard whitworth thread is
    (A) 29°
    (B) 47.5°
    (C) 55°
    (D) 60°

14. The metal suitable for bearings subjected to light loads is
    (A) Silicon bronze
    (B) White metal
    (C) Monel metal
    (D) Phosphor bronze

15. In order to withstand resistance to wear, the best profile of gear is
    (A) 14½° full depth involute tooth
    (B) 20° full depth involute tooth
    (C) 20° involute stub tooth
    (D) 14½° stub tooth

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