MCQ Practice Test on Irrigation Engineering

Practice Test: Question Set - 09

1. A hydraulic jump is generally formed when a stream moving with
    (A) A hyper-critical velocity meets a stream moving with a critical velocity
    (B) A hyper-critical velocity meets a stream moving with a hyper-critical velocity
    (C) A hyper-critical velocity meets a stream moving with a sub-critical velocity
    (D) A sub-critical velocity meets a stream moving with a hyper-critical velocity

2. Pick up the incorrect statement from the following. Culturable commanded area is the gross area of an irrigation canal system less
    (A) Populated area
    (B) Alkaline area
    (C) Forest area
    (D) Fallow land

3. The downstream expansion head of a guide bank is extended to subtend an angle at the centre, equal to
    (A) 30°
    (B) 45°
    (C) 60°
    (D) 90°

4. A fall which maintains its depth, is
    (A) A trapezoidal notch fall
    (B) A low weir fall
    (C) A rectangular notch fall
    (D) All the above

5. If average particle size of the silt in millimeters is m, the Lacey's silt factor f is proportional to
    (A) m3
    (B) m1/2
    (C) m1/3
    (D) m2/3

6. The width of a meander belt is the transverse distance between
    (A) Apex point of one curve and apex point of the reserve curve
    (B) Apex point and the crossing
    (C) Two banks of meandering river
    (D) None of these

7. When a canal is carried over a natural drainage, the structure provided, is known as
    (A) Syphon
    (B) Aqueduct
    (C) Super passage
    (D) Syphon-aqueduct

8. For smooth entry of water in a canal, the angle between head regulator and water is generally kept
    (A) 80°
    (B) 90°
    (C) 110°
    (D) 120°

9. In rigid module, the discharge
    (A) Is independent of water levels in the distributary and water course
    (B) Depends upon the water level in distributary
    (C) Depends upon the water level in the water course
    (D) Depends upon the water levels of both, i.e. distributary and water course

10. For standing crops in undulating sandy fields, the best method of irrigation, is
    (A) Sprinkler irrigation
    (B) Free flooding
    (C) Check method
    (D) Furrow method

11. The saturation line is the line up to which banks get saturated after the canal runs for some time. The saturation gradient in ordinary loam soil, is generally
    (A) 2 : 1
    (B) 3 : 1
    (C) 4 : 1
    (D) 5 : 1

12. Fundamental momentum equation for a hydraulic jump, is
    (A) D₁² - D₂² = (2q/g) × (V₁ - V₂)
    (B) D₂² - D₁² = (2q/g) × (V - V₂)
    (C) D₁² - D₂² = (2q/g) × (V₂ - V₁)
    (D) D₁² + D₂² = (2q/g) × (V₂ - V₁)

13. The uplift pressure on the roof of an inverted syphon, is maximum when
    (A) Drain in running dry
    (B) Canal is running dry
    (C) Canal is running with F.S.L.
    (D) Drain is running with H.F.L.

14. The ratio of the discharge over a trapezoidal crest to a rectangular crest of Sarda falls of identical parameters, is
    (A) 1.084
    (B) 1.074
    (C) 1.064
    (D) 1.054

15. If Δ is the depth of water in metres, B is the number of days of base period and D is the duty in hectare/cumec, the relationship which holds good, is
    (A) D = Δ (8.64 D/B)
    (B) B = Δ (8.64 B/D)
    (C) D = (8.6 Δ/B)
    (D) Δ = (8.6 B/D)

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