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    Electrical Energy Objective Type Questions - Set 02

    Practice Test: Question Set - 02

    1. A half-watt is equal to how many milliwatts?
      (A) 5,000 mW
      (B) 5 mW
      (C) 500 mW
      (D) 50 mW

    2. A 75 Ω load uses 2 W of power. The output voltage of the power supply is approximately
      (A) 120 V
      (B) 1.2 V
      (C) 12 V
      (D) 6 V

    3. A resistor normally opens when it burns out.
      (A) True
      (B) False

    4. The power rating of a carbon-composition resistor that is to handle up to 1.2 W should be
      (A) 2 W
      (B) 1 W
      (C) 5 W
      (D) 0.5 W

    5. The capacity of a battery is measured in milli-amperes.
      (A) True
      (B) False

    6. A 33 Ω half-watt resistor and a 330 Ω half-watt resistor are connected across a 12 V source. Which one(s) will overheat?
      (A) 33 Ω
      (B) 330 Ω
      (C) Both resistors
      (D) Neither resistor

    7. A given power supply is capable of providing 6 A for 3.5 h. Its ampere-hour rating is
      (A) 0.58 Ah
      (B) 2.1 Ah
      (C) 21 Ah
      (D) 58 Ah

    8. A battery is one type of power supply that converts chemical energy into electrical energy.
      (A) True
      (B) False

    9. If it takes 400 ms to use 12,000 J of energy, the power is
      (A) 30 kW
      (B) 30 W
      (C) 3 W
      (D) 300 kW

    10. Three hundred joules of energy are consumed in 15 s. The power is
      (A) 2,000 W
      (B) 2 W
      (C) 20 W
      (D) 200 W

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