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    Magnetic Circuit Electrical Engineering MCQ - Set 02

    Practice Test: Question Set - 02

    1. The unit of magnetic flux is
      (A) Henry
      (B) Weber
      (C) Ampere-turn/weber
      (D) Ampere/metre

    2. Point out the wrong statement. Magnetic leakage is undesirable in electric machines because it
      (A) Lowers their power efficiency
      (B) Increases their cost of manufacture
      (C) Leads to their increased weight
      (D) Produces fringing

    3. Permanent magnets are normally made of
      (A) Alnico alloys
      (B) Aluminium
      (C) Cast iron
      (D) Wrought iron

    4. The initial rate of rise of current through a coil of inductance 10 H when suddenly connected to a D.C. supply of 200 V is _________Vs
      (A) 50
      (B) 20
      (C) 0.05
      (D) 500

    5. If the area of hysteresis loop of a material is large, the hysteresis loss in this material will be
      (A) Zero
      (B) Small
      (C) Large
      (D) None of the above

    6. Conductance is analogous to
      (A) Permeance
      (B) Reluctance
      (C) Flux
      (D) Inductance

    7. The unit of retentivity is
      (A) Weber
      (B) Weber/sq. m
      (C) Ampere turn/meter
      (D) Ampere turns

    8. The unit of reluctance is
      (A) Meter/Henry
      (B) Henry/meter
      (C) Henry
      (D) 1/Henry

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