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Practice Test: Question Set - 23

1. Seasoning is
    (A) A process of removing sap
    (B) Creosoting
    (C) Painting with sodium silicate
    (D) Coating with tar

2. Soundness test of cement determines
    (A) Quality of free lime
    (B) Ultimate strength
    (C) Durability
    (D) Initial setting

3. Turpentine oil is used in paints as
    (A) Thinner
    (B) Vehicle
    (C) Base
    (D) Drier

4. Stucco paints are suitable for
    (A) Stone masonry
    (B) Brick walls
    (C) Both (A) and (B)
    (D) Neither (A) nor (B)

5. Stones used for ornamental work must be
    (A) Soft
    (B) Hard
    (C) Light
    (D) Heavy

6. Lime stone is not a
    (A) Sedimentary rock
    (B) Stratified rock
    (C) Aqueous rock
    (D) Metamorphic rock

7. Pick up the correct statement from the following:
    (A) The heating of a material to redness in contact with air, is known as calcination
    (B) The property of lime by which it sets or hardens in damp places having no free circulation of air is called setting
    (C) The product that remains after calcination of limestone, is called lime
    (D) All the above

8. Pick up the correct statement from the following:
    (A) The average crushing strength of hand moulded bricks is 6000 t/m2
    (B) The average tensile strength of hand moulded brick is 200 t/m2
    (C) The average shearing strength of hand moulded brick is 600 t/m2
    (D) All the above

9. Snowcrete is one of the patent forms of
    (A) Distempers
    (B) Water proof cement paints
    (C) Enamel paints
    (D) Cellulose paints

10. Cast iron is used for
    (A) Structural works in beams
    (B) Small sized water pipes
    (C) Columns and struts
    (D) None to these

11. Pick up the correct statement from the following:
    (A) The percentage of absorption for firebricks varies from 5 to 10
    (B) The percentage of silica in silica bricks is to the extent of about 95 to 97 percent
    (C) Roughly 1 to 2 percent of lime in silica bricks is added to act as binding material
    (D) All the above

12. Good quality cement contains higher percentage of
    (A) Tri-calcium silicate
    (B) Di-calcium silicate
    (C) Tri-calcium aluminate
    (D) Tetra calcium alumino ferrite

13. Laterite is a/an
    (A) Volcanic rock
    (B) Argillaceous rock
    (C) Calcareous rock
    (D) Siliceous rock

14. Seasoning of timber is essential to remove
    (A) Knots from timber
    (B) Sap from timber
    (C) Twisted fibre from timber
    (D) Roughness of timber

15. The term frog means
    (A) An apparatus to lift the stone
    (B) A depression on a face of brick
    (C) Vertical joint in a brick work
    (D) Soaking brick in water

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