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Practice Test: Question Set - 05

1. There is a greater possibility of occurrence of corona during
    (A) Dry weather
    (B) Winter
    (C) Summer heat
    (D) Humid weather

2. Owing to skin effect
    (A) Current flows through the half cross-section of the conductor
    (B) Portion of the conductor near the surface carries more current and core of the conductor carries less current
    (C) Portion of the conductor near the surface carries less current and core of the conductor carries more current
    (D) Any of the above

3. Pin type insulators are generally not used for voltages beyond
    (A) 1 kV
    (B) 11 kV
    (C) 22 kV
    (D) 33 kV

4. The effect of corona can be detected by
    (A) Presence of ozone detected by odour
    (B) Hissing sound
    (C) Faint luminous glow of bluish color
    (D) All of the above

5. When a conductor carries more current on the surface as compared to core, it is due to
    (A) Permeability variation
    (B) Corona
    (C) Skin effect
    (D) Unsymmetrical fault

6. Overhead system can be designed for operation up to
    (A) 11 kV
    (B) 33 kV
    (C) 66 kV
    (D) 400 kV

7. The phenomenon of rise in voltage at the receiving end of the open-circuited or lightly loaded line is called the
    (A) See-back effect
    (B) Ferranti effect
    (C) Raman effect
    (D) None of the above

8. High voltage transmission lines use
    (A) Suspension insulators
    (B) Pin insulators
    (C) Both (A) and (B)
    (D) None of the above

9. The material commonly used for sheaths of underground cables is
    (A) Lead
    (B) Rubber
    (C) Copper
    (D) Iron

10. The power transmitted will be maximum when
    (A) Corona losses are minimum
    (B) Reactance is high
    (C) Sending end voltage is more
    (D) Receiving end voltage is more

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