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Practice Test: Question Set - 02

1. Pick up the correct statement from the following:
    (A) The earth work of cutting in trenches or borrow pits in fairly uniform ground is measured with the help of average depths of the dead men
    (B) The earth work in trenches or borrow pits in irregular ground is measured by taking the difference in levels before and after completion of work
    (C) The earth work in trenches or borrow pits, where neither a nor b is feasible, are measured from the fillings after deduction of voids
    (D) All the above

2. The cross-sections for a highway is taken at
    (A) Right angle to the centre line
    (B) 30 meters apart
    (C) Intermediate points having abrupt change in gradient
    (D) All the above

3. Referring of given figure, pick up the correct statement from the following:
Practice Test 02, Question No. 03
    (A) The total length of centre line of four walls is 20 m
    (B) Length of long wall out-to-out is 6.80 m
    (C) Length of short walls in-to-in is 3.20 m
    (D) All the above

4. Pick up the correct statement regarding the centre line method of estimating a building
    (A) Product of the centre line of the walls and area of cross-section of any item, gives total quantity of the item
    (B) The centre line is worked out separately for different sections of walls of a building
    (C) The centre line length is reduced by half the layer of main wall joining the partition wall
    (D) All the above

5. According to Indian Standards Institute, the actual size of modular bricks is
    (A) 23 cm × 11.5 cm × 7.5 cm
    (B) 25 cm × 13 cm × 7.5 cm
    (C) 19 cm × 9 cm × 9 cm
    (D) 20 cm × 10 cm × 10 cm

6. The following item of earth work is not measured separately.
    (A) Setting out of works
    (B) Site clearance
    (C) Steps in deep excavation
    (D) All the above

7. The measurement is made in square metre in case of
    (A) Cement concrete in foundation
    (B) R.C.C. structure
    (C) Hollow concrete block wall
    (D) None of these

8. The area of the cross-section of a road fully in banking shown in the given figure, is
Practice Test 02, Question No. 08
    (A) [sb² + (2bd + sd)²]/( - )
    (B) [sb² + (2bd + sd)²]/( - s5)
    (C) [sb² + (2bd + sd)²]/(r - s)
    (D) None of these

9. Cost of fittings and their fixing is specified for the following sanitary fittings
    (A) Water closets
    (B) Flushing pipes
    (C) Lavatory basins
    (D) All the above

10. The excavation exceeding 1.5 m in width and 10 sq.m in plan area with a depth not exceeding 30 cm, is termed as
    (A) Excavation
    (B) Surface dressing
    (C) Cutting
    (D) Surface excavation

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