Mechanical Engineering Project Seminar ppt presentation

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Airbags in automobile:
Application of Fin Concept:
Composite Materials:
Finite Element Analysis of Mobile phone using ANSYS:
Hybrid Technology:
Hydrogen Fuel Cells:
Maglev Vehicles:
Magnetic Suspension System:
Mens in Micro-bots:
Metal- The fuel of Future:
Micro Factory- The future of machine:
Micro Fuel Cells in Mobiles Instead of Batteries:
NANO Technology-01:
NANO Technology-02:
Noise Reduction in Jets & Commercial Airplanes:
PF Pumps-Diesel Engine Fuel pumps: 01
PF Pumps-Diesel Engine Fuel pumps: 02
Shape Memory Alloys:
Smart Materials: 01
Smart Materials: 02
Tidal Energy:
TQM Presentation:
Ultrasonic Techniques:
Variable Valve Timing & Lift Control:

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