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List of commemorative days

Important National and International days and dates:-

Important Days and Dates in January:

            03rd Monday of January: Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (US).
01st January: Global family day, New Year's Day.
04th January: Myanmar Independence Day.
08th January: African National Congress Foundation Day.
09th January: Non resident Indian (NRI) Day.
10th January: World laughter Day.
11th January: Death anniversary of Lal Bahadur Shastri.
12th January: National Youth Day.
15th January: Indian Army Day (The land-force Day), Hangul Day (North Korea).
21st January: National Hug Day.
23rd January: Desh prem divas (Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose birth anniversary).
25th January: Tourism Day (India), Indian Voters Day,The International Custom and excise day.
26th January: India's Republic Day, International Customs day, Australia Day, World leprosy Day.
28th January: Lala lajpat rai birthday,Data protection day.
30th January: Martyr's Day (Mahatma Gandhi's Martyrdom Day), Sarvodaya Day.
31st January: Street Children's Day.

Important Days and Dates in February:

            02nd Sunday of February: World Marriage Day.
            03rd Monday of February: Washington's Birthday.
01st February: The coastal defense Day.
02nd February: World Wetlands Day.
04th February: World Cancer day, Sri Lanka Independence Day.
05th February: Kashmir Day.
06th February: International day of Zero Tolerance to Female Genital Mutilation, Waitangi Day
                          (New Zealand).
07th to 14th February: Valentine’s Week.
07th February: Rose Day.
08th February: Propose Day.
09th February: Chocolate Day.
10th February: Teddy Day.
11th February: Promise Day.
12th February: Hug Day, Darwin day, World day of the sick,The Production Day.
12th to 18th February: The production Week.
13th February: Kiss Day, Sarojini Naidu’s Birth Anniversary, World Radio Day (UNESCO).
14th February: Valentine’s Day, pl:Dzień Chorego na Padaczke Epilepsy Day (Poland).
24th February: The Central Custom Week.
20th February: World day of social justice
21st February: International mother language day
22nd February: World scout day, Thinking Day.
23rd February: World peace and understanding day
24th February: Central Excise Day.
28th February: National Science Day (India).

Important Days and Dates in March:

             02nd Thursday in March: World kidney Day.
             03rd Friday of March: World Sleep Day.
02nd March: Texas Independence Day.
03rd March: National Defense Day.
04th March: World day of fight against sexual exploitation, National Security Day.
08th March: International Women's Day, World Literacy Day.
09th March: CISF Rising Day.
13th March: World Rotaract Day.
14th March: Pi Day, White Day, World Consumer’s Day.
15th March: World consumer right day.
16th March: National Vaccination Day.
17th March: Saint Patrick's Day.
20th March: World day of theater for children and young people, International day for Francophone,                       World Sparrow Day, World Sleep day, World Happiness Day.
21st March: World Forestry Day, World Poetry Day, International Day for the Elimination of Racial                        Discrimination, World down Syndrome Day, World Deformed/ Crippled day.
22nd March: World water day
23rd March: World Meteorological Day, Youm-e-Pakistan (Pakistan Day), World Weather Day.
24th March: World Tuberculosis Day, International day for achievers
25th March: International day of remembrance-victims of slavery and transatlantic slave trade.
26th March: Purple Day, Bangladesh Independence Day.
27th March: World Drama Day.

Important Days and Dates in April:

01st April: April fool’s Day
02nd April: World Autism Awareness Day (UN).
05th April: National Maritime Day, the Equality Day.
07th April: World Health Day.
08th April: International Romani Day.
10th April: Water Resources Day.
10th to 16th April: Railway Week.
11th April: International Louie Louie Day.
13th April: Janllian Wallah Bagh Massacre Day.
14th April: Black Day.
15th April: Day of Silence, Day of Dialogue.
16th April: Foursquare Day.
17th April: World haemophilia day
18th April: World Heritage Day.
21st April: Civil Services Day.
22nd April: World Earth’s Day.
23rd April: World book day, world copyright day, St George's Day.
24th April: World Lab animals Day, Man’s Unity Day.
25th April: World Malaria day (WHO), ANZAC Day, Liberation Day (Italy).
26th April: World Intellectual Property Day (UN).
27th April: King's Day (The Netherlands).
29th April: International Dance Day.
30th April: International Jazz Day.

Important Days and Dates in May:

                01st Sunday of May: World Laughter Day.
                02nd Sunday of May: Mother’s Day.
                01st Saturday before Labor Day: International Bacon Day.
01st May: May Day, International Labor Day (Workers Day), Maharashtra Day.
03rd May: Press Freedom Day, International Energy Day, World Asthma Day, World Solar Day.
04th May: Coal miner’s day, Remembrance of the Dead, Star Wars Day, Greenery Day.
05th May: International Midwives' Day.
06th May: International No Diet Day.
08th May: World Red Cross and Red Crescent Day.
09th May: Victory day
11th May: Military Spouse Appreciation Day, National Technology Day.
12th May: International Nurses day
14th May: World Migratory Day.
15th May: International Day of the Families.
17th May: World Telecommunication Day (Information society day), International Day against                             Homophobia and Transphobia.
21st May: Anti-terrorism Day.
22nd May: International Day for Biological Diversity.
23rd May: World Turtle Day.
24th May: Commonwealth Day.
25th May: International Missing Children's Day, Towel Day, Geek Pride Day.
31st May: Anti-Tobacco Day.

Important Days and Dates in June:

           01st, 02nd, or 03rd Saturday in June: Queen's Official Birthday.
           01st Sunday of June: National Cancer Survivors Day (USA).
            3rd Sunday of June: Father’s Day.
01st June: International Children's Day.
04th June 4: International Day of Innocent Children Victims of Aggression.
05th June: World Environment Day.
06th June: D-Day.
07th June: International level crossing awareness day
08th June: World ocean day
12th June: World day against child labor, Independence Day (Philippines).
14th June: World blood donor day
17th June: World day to combat desertification and drought.
18th June: Autistic Pride Day.
19th June: Juneteenth (Celebrated on June 19th and/or 3rd Saturday of the month).
20th June: World Refugee day.
21st June: World Music day, World Hydrography Day, Fete de la Musique, Hugging Day,                                    International Yoga Day.
23rd June: Nations Public Service Day, International widow's day.
26th June: International day against Drug abuse & Illicit Trafficking.
28th June: Poor Day. 

Important Days and Dates in July:

01st July: National Doctor’s day, Canada Day.
02nd July: World UFO Day.
04th July: United States Independence Day.
06th July: World Zoonosis Day.
11th July: World Population Day.
12th July: World Malala Day.
14th July: Bastille Day
18th July: Nelson Mandela International Day.
22nd July: Pi Approximation Day.
26th July: Kargil Victory Day.
28th July: World Nature conservation day
29th July: International Tiger Day 

Important Days and Dates in August:

             01st Friday of August: International Beer Day.
             01st Sunday of August: Friendship Day.
03rd August: Independence Day of Niger
05th August: Independence Day of Upper Volta.
06th August: Hiroshima Day.
08th August: World Senior Citizen Day.
09th August: International day of World’s indigenous people, Quit India Day and Nagasaki Day.
12th August: International Youth Day, Library Day (India).
13th August: International Lefthanders Day.
14th August: Pakistan's Independence Day, World Youth’s Day.
15th August: Independence Day of India, Victory over Japan Day (UK).
16th August: Bennington Battle Day.
17th August: Indonesian Independence Day.
19th August: World Photography Day, World Humanitarian Day.
20th August: National Sadbhawana Diwas(India),Earth Overshoot Day, Renewable Energy Day.
23rd August: European Day of Remembrance for Victims of Stalinism and Nazism.
26th August: Women's Equality Day.
29th August: National Sports Day (Birthday of Dhyan Chand ), International Day against Nuclear                            Tests.
31st August: Hari Merdeka (Malaysia National Day).

Important Days and Dates in September:

             01st Monday of the September: Labor Day (US).
             Full moon day in August or early September: World Sanskrit Day.
01st September: Non-alignment Day.
01st to 07th September: National Nutrition Week.
02nd September: World Coconut Day, Victory over Japan Day (USA).
05th September: National Teachers Day (Dr. Radhakrishanan Birth Day Anniversary).
07th September: Forgiveness day, Brazilian Independence Day.
08th September: World Literacy Day.
11th September: Patriot Day.
13th September: World Brotherhood Day/ Amnesty Day.
14th September: Hindi day, World first aid day
15th September: Engineer's day in India, International Day of Democracy.
16th September: World Ozone Day, Malaysia Day.
19th September: International Talk like a Pirate Day.
21st September: Alzheimer's Day, International day of peace (UN).
25th September: Social justice day
26th September: Day of the Deaf, European Day of Languages, World Contraception Day.
27th September: World Tourism Day.
28th September: World Rabies Day.
29th September: International Coffee Day, World Heart Day

Important Days and Dates in October:

                 1st Monday of October: World Habitat Day.
                 2nd Thursday of October: World Sight Day.
01st October: World Day for Elderly (UN), World Vegetarian Day.
02nd October: Gandhi Jayanti (Mahatma Gandhi birthday), International day of non-violence
03rd October: World Habitat Day, World nature day, German Unity Day.
04th October: World Animal Welfare Day.
05th October: World Teacher’s day, World Animal day.
06th October: German-American Day.
08th October: Air Force Day.
09th October: World Post Office day, Hangul Day (South Korea).
09th to 15th October: World Postal Week.
10th October: World Mental Health Day, National Post Day.
11th October: International girl child day
12th October: World Arthritis day, World Sight Day
13th October: UN International Day for National disaster reduction.
14th October: World Standards Day.
15th October: World White Cane Day (guiding the Blind), World Students Day, Pregnancy and Infant                        Loss Remembrance Day, Global Hand washing Day.
16th October: World Food Day.
17th October: International day for the eradication of poverty.
20th October: World statistics Day.
23rd October:  Mole Day.
24th October: United Nation Day (UN Day), World development information Day.
27th October: Labor Day (New Zealand).
28th October: International Animation Day.
29th October: National Cat Day (USA), World Psoriasis Day.
30th October: World Thrift Day
31st October: National Integration Day, Halloween.

Important Days and Dates in November:

               1st Tuesday in November: Melbourne Cup Day.
               03rd Thursday in November: World Philosophy Day.
               04th Thursday of November: Thanksgiving (United States).
01st November: World vegan day, All Saints' Day.
02nd November: All Souls' Day.
05th November: World Radiography day, Bonfire Night (also Guy Fawkes Night).
07th November: Infant Protection Day, World Cancer Awareness Day.
09th November: World Legal Service Day.
10th November: Communication Day.
11th November: Armistice Day (also Remembrance Day), Veterans Day, National Education Day                                 (India)
12th November: World Pneumonia Day, National Birds day.
14th November: Children's Day in India, Jawaharlal Nehru birthday, World Diabetes Day.
16th November: International day for Endurance
17th November: World Prematurity Day, World Student day, National Journalism day
18th November: National Day (Oman), World Adult day.
19th November: World Citizen Day, World Men's Day, World Toilet Day.
20th November: Africa Industrialization Day, Universal children day, Transgender Day of                                              Remembrance.
21st November: World Television day, World Hello Day, World Fisheries day.
25th November: World Non-vegetarian day, International Day for the Elimination of Violence against                            Women.
26th November: National Law day
29th November: International Day of Solidarity with Palestinian People.
30th November: Saint Andrew's Day (Scotland), Cities for Life Day, National Flag Day, Self injury                                Awareness Day.

Important Days and Dates in December:

01st December: World Aids Day.
02nd December: World Computer literacy day, International day of abolition of slavery
03rd December: United Nation’s International day of People with disabilities, World Day of Handicapped, World conservation day
04th December: National Navy Day.
05th December: International volunteer day for economic and social development.
07th December: Armed Forces Flag Day, International civil aviation day.
08th December: Girls Day.
09th December: The International day against corruption, National Girl Child Day (India)
10th December: World Human Rights Day, International Day of Broadcasting.
11th December: UNICEF Day, International Mountain day.
14th December: National Energy Conservation Day (India).
18th December: International Migrants day.
19th December: Goa’s liberation day.
20th December: International Human solidarity.
23rd December: Farmer's Day (Kisan Divas: birth anniversary of Charan Singh).
24th December: Christmas Eve.
25th December: Christmas Day, Quaide Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah Day (Birthday of the founder                              of Pakistan).
26th December: Boxing Day.
26th December to 01st January: Kwanzaa.
29th December: International  Bio-diversity day.
31st December: New Year's Eve.

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