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Profit & Loss

Profit & Loss Important formulas:

Cost Price: The price for which an article is purchased is called the Cost Price (C.P.)

Selling price: The price at which an article is sold is called the Selling Price (S.P.)

Market Price: The price for which an article can be bought or sold i.e. the price at which the article is available to the market.

Profit or Gain: The difference between the selling price and the cost price (when S.P. is more than C.P) is called the Profit.

Loss: The difference between the cost price and selling price (when C.P. is more than S.P.) is called the Loss.

Important Point to be Remember: The Loss or Gain is always Computation on the cost price only.

If, S.P = Selling Price, C.P = Cost Price and M.P = Market Price,
Then the important formulas for profit & loss are as bellow:

Profit and Loss:
Formula:                Profit and Loss Formulas
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