Automobile Engineering - Set 14 - ObjectiveBooks

Automobile Engineering - Set 14

Practice Test: Question Set - 14

1. The main function of intake manifold is that it
    (A) Promotes the mixture of air and fuel
    (B) Reduces intake noise
    (C) Cools the intake air to a suitable temperature
    (D) Distributes intake air equally to the cylinders

2. If a tyre is designated as 175/65 R-14 82-S, then the aspect ratio for the tyre is
    (A) 175
    (B) 65
    (C) 14
    (D) 82

3. The function of an alternator in an automobile is to
    (A) Supply electric power
    (B) Converts mechanical energy into electrical energy
    (C) Continually recharges the battery
    (D) Partly converts engine power into electric power

4. The valve tappet clearance is measured by
    (A) Screw pitch gauge
    (B) Engineering scale
    (C) Feeler gauge
    (D) Vernier caliper

5. The specific gravity of petrol is about
    (A) 0.75
    (B) 0.85
    (C) 0.95
    (D) 1.25

6. The octane number of compressed natural gas (CNG) is
    (A) 90
    (B) 100
    (C) 110
    (D) 120

7. Incorrect steering axis inclination (S.A.I.) causes
    (A) Tendency to assume toe-out orientation
    (B) Generation of a braking effect at tight corners
    (C) Poor recovery of the steering wheel after making a turn
    (D) The vehicle to pull to the side of lesser inclination

8. Which of the following symptom is caused as a result of brake disc run out?
    (A) Ineffectiveness of the brakes
    (B) Judder during braking
    (C) Localized wearing of the brake pads
    (D) Rapid wearing of the brake pads

9. Which one of the following statement correctly describes the construction of a bevel gear type differential?
    (A) The drive shafts are splined to the differential carrier.
    (B) The left side gear and the differential carrier rotate in constant unison.
    (C) The differential carrier houses differential pinion gears and side gears; each pinion gear meshes with a different side gear.
    (D) The differential carrier houses differential pinion gears and side gears.

10. The information provided by the oxygen (O₂) sensor to the feedback control system is about the
    (A) Air-fuel ratio
    (B) Air temperature
    (C) Air flow speed
    (D) Exhaust gas volume

11. The function of a governor in automobiles is to
    (A) Limit the power
    (B) Limit the vehicle speed
    (C) Maintain constant engine speed
    (D) Maximise the fuel economy

12. The firing order for an inline four cylinder I.C. engine is
    (A) 1-2-3-4
    (B) 1-3-4-2
    (C) 1-2-4-3
    (D) 1-3-2-4

13. The minimum parking brake force is generally ___________ of gross vehicle mass (GVM).
    (A) 5%
    (B) 10%
    (C) 15%
    (D) 20%

14. Bead wires are made of
    (A) Steel
    (B) Copper
    (C) Zinc
    (D) Aluminium

15. The advantage of the fuel injection system over the carburettor system is
    (A) Improved fuel efficiency
    (B) Improved emission
    (C) Improved power output
    (D) All of these

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