Automobile Engineering - Set 07 - ObjectiveBooks

Automobile Engineering - Set 07

Practice Test: Question Set - 07

1. The compression ratio for Diesel engines usually lies in the range of
    (A) 6-10
    (B) 10-15
    (C) 15-25
    (D) 25-40

2. The piston compression rings are made of
    (A) Cast iron
    (B) Steel
    (C) Aluminium
    (D) Bronze

3. In a forced feed lubrication system, the device used to guard against excessive oil pressure, is known as
    (A) Release chamber
    (B) Balancer
    (C) Relief valve
    (D) Stop valve

4. The aspect ratio (expressed in percentage) of the tyre is defined as the ratio of
    (A) Section width to section height
    (B) Section height to section width
    (C) Wheel diameter to section height
    (D) Wheel diameter to section width

5. The discharged lead acid battery has on its plates
    (A) Lead peroxide (PbO₂)
    (B) Spongy lead (Pb)
    (C) Lead sulphate (PbSO₄)
    (D) Sulphuric acid (H₂SO₄)

6. In order to implement gear changes in the gear unit of an automatic transmission, a ___________ is used.
    (A) Synchronizer
    (B) Planetary gear
    (C) Magnetic clutch
    (D) Hydraulic multi plate clutch

7. The purpose of turning radius gauges is to measure the
    (A) Contact areas of the tyres
    (B) Free plays of the steering wheel
    (C) Turning radius of the left and right wheels
    (D) Difference in the toe angles of the left and right wheels

8. The natural gas is compressed in a CNG cylinder at a pressure of
    (A) 200 bar
    (B) 220 bar
    (C) 250 bar
    (D) 300 bar

9. The valve overlap in four stroke petrol engines is approximately
    (A) 30°
    (B) 60°
    (C) 90°
    (D) 120°

10. Which of the following indicates multi-grade oil?
    (A) SAE 30
    (B) API SF
    (C) SAE20 W50
    (D) API 50

11. The compression ratio in petrol engine is kept less than in Diesel engine because
    (A) It makes petrol engines lighter
    (B) Higher or equivalent compression ratio in petrol engines is not possible due to pre-ignition
    (C) Less compression ratio gives better performance
    (D) It is just customary to have less compression ratio in petrol engines

12. The main task of a battery in automobiles is to
    (A) Supply electricity to the alternator
    (B) Act as a reservoir or stabilizer of electricity
    (C) Supply electricity to the vehicle's electrical system at all times while the engine is running
    (D) Supply a large amount of power to turn the starter motor when the engine is being started

13. The service brakes employed in cars are generally operated
    (A) Mechanically
    (B) Hydraulically
    (C) Pneumatically
    (D) None of these

14. The boiling point of Diesel fuel is in the range of
    (A) 70°C to 100°C
    (B) 100°C to 120°C
    (C) 120°C to 180°C
    (D) 180°C to 360 °C

15. The frequency of flashing of light per minute in a direction (side turn) indicator is about
    (A) 9
    (B) 90
    (C) 900
    (D) 9000

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