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Mechanical Engineering Quiz - Set 01

Quiz Questions

01. The ability of a material to undergo large permanent deformation with the application of a tensile force is called ductility.

02. The portion of a crankshaft which rests on cylinder block is called main journal.

03. The rotary compressors are suitable for large discharge of air at low pressure.

04. Ferrite and pearlite makes the steel soft and ductile.

05. A baffle plate is fitted inside the oil pan to prevent the oil from splashing when it is subjected to vibration and other movement during vehicle operation.

06. An open cycle gas turbine works on the same cycle as that of a closed cycle gas turbine.

07. The quenching of steel from the upper critical point results in a fine grained structure.

08. In a unit type body (frameless body) design, the sheet metal parts are welded together, forming a frame work to which outer skin is attached.

09. The increase in pressure in a vane blower takes place first due to compression and then due to back flow of air.

10. The steel produced by Bessemer or open hearth process is ________ to that produced by LD process.

11. In a spark plug, when the temperature of the central electrode exceeds a certain temperature, any carbon that has adhered will be burnt off, and the temperature at which this burning off carbon starts is referred to as the self cleaning temperature.

12. The total heat rejected in a reciprocating air compressor is equal to the sum of the heat rejected during polytropic compression per kg of air and heat rejected in the intercooler per kg of air.

13. The dyeing down of a white flame during the operation of a Bessemer converter indicates that the air is burning out silicon and manganese.

14. The flywheel and the pressure plate bind the clutch disc between them so that the engine and the transmission can be engaged.

15. The clearance volume in the compressor is kept minimum because it effects on volumetric efficiency.

16. White cast iron has a high tensile strength and a low compressive strength.

17. Positive camber is used to compensate for wheels tilting inward due to the weight of the vehicle.

18. The actual volume of air delivered by a compressor, when reduced to the normal temperature and pressure conditions is called compressor capacity.

19. The advantage of double wishbone suspension design is that a large amount of freedom is available for setting geometry and precise settings can be made for driving comfort and steerability

20. Workdone by a two-stage reciprocating air compressor per cycle is equal to the workdone in L.P. cylinder and H.P. cylinder.

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