Mechanical Engineering Quiz - Set 02 - ObjectiveBooks

Mechanical Engineering Quiz - Set 02

Quiz Questions

01. The engine's idling speed will increase by a slight degree immediately after a cold engine has been started. It will drop as the engine warms up and it will eventually reach the standard level.

02. The speed of rotary air compressor is ________ as compared to reciprocating air compressor.

03. Aluminium has low density and addition of silicon improves its fluidity and therefore, its castability.

04. The operation of giving impressions of figures, letters or designs on sheet metal parts, is known as embossing.

05. The compression ratio in Diesel engines is less than the petrol engine.

06. The operation of the reciprocating air motor is similar to reciprocating air compressor.

07. Cast iron is a ductile material.

08. The oxidising flame is similar to neutral flame but the inner cone is less luminous and shorter.

09. Toe-in ensures parallel rolling of the wheel thus stabilizing steering in addition to preventing both sides slipping and excessive tyre wear.

10. In a two stage reciprocating compressor with intercooler, the amount of work saved with incomplete intercooling is ________ that in case of complete intercooling.

11. The addition of copper to aluminium possesses maximum strength after heat treatment and age-hardening

12. Cold working distorts grain structure and does not provide an appreciable reduction in size.

13. In comparison to frame type construction, the frameless structure construction of automobiles is economical when produced in ________ numbers.

14. The free air delivery is the volume of air that can be delivered by a compressor freely.

15. In iron, the presence of carbon in free form is called graphite.

16. Hot piercing is extensively used for making bolts and nuts.

17. When the vehicle is at rest, the clutch is in engaged position.

18. A regenerator in a gas turbine improves thermal efficiency.

19. In a body centred cubic space lattice, there are nine atoms out of which eight atoms are located at the corners of the cube and one atom at its centre.

20. A stripper plate machine is used to draw the pattern from the mould.

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