Engineering Materials Objective Questions with Answers - Set 11 - ObjectiveBooks

Engineering Materials Objective Questions with Answers - Set 11

Practice Test: Question Set - 11

1. An important property of high silicon (12-18%) cast iron is the high
    (A) Hardness
    (B) Brittleness
    (C) Plasticity
    (D) Ductility

2. Dye penetrant method is generally used to locate
    (A) Core defects
    (B) Surface defects
    (C) Superficial defects
    (D) Temporary defects

3. Constantan an alloy used in thermocouples is an alloy of
    (A) Copper and tin
    (B) Copper and zinc
    (C) Copper and iron
    (D) Copper and nickel

4. Delta-iron occurs between the temperature ranges of
    (A) 400°C to 600°C
    (B) 600°C to 900°C
    (C) 900°C to 1400°C
    (D) 1400°C to 1530°C

5. White cast iron contains carbon in the form of
    (A) Free carbon
    (B) Graphite
    (C) Cementite
    (D) White carbon

6. The heat treatment process used for softening hardened steel is
    (A) Carburising
    (B) Normalizing
    (C) Annealing
    (D) Tempering

7. Stress relaxation is the phenomenon
    (A) In which parts are not loaded
    (B) In which stress remains constant on increasing load
    (C) In which deformation tends to loosen the joint and produces a stress reduced
    (D) Stress reduces on increasing load

8. Babbitt metal is a
    (A) Lead base alloy
    (B) Copper base alloy
    (C) Tin base alloy
    (D) Cadmium base alloy

9. Hardness of lower bainite (tempered martensite) is about
    (A) RC 65
    (B) RC 48
    (C) RC 57
    (D) RC 80

10. Silicon when added to copper improves
    (A) Machinability
    (B) Hardness
    (C) Hardness and strength
    (D) Strength and ductility

11. A material is known as allotropic or polymorphic if it
    (A) Has a fixed structure under all conditions
    (B) Exists in several crystal forms at different temperatures
    (C) Responds to heat treatment
    (D) Has its atoms distributed in a random pattern

12. The brown smoke during the operation of a Bessemer converter indicates that the
    (A) Air is burning out silicon and manganese
    (B) Silicon and manganese has burnt and carbon has started oxidizing
    (C) The converter must be titled to remove the contents of the converter
    (D) The brown smoke does not occur during the operation of a Bessemer converter

13. The percentage of carbon in low carbon steel is
    (A) 0.05%
    (B) 0.15%
    (C) 0.3%
    (D) 0.5%

14. A small percentage of boron is added to steel in order to
    (A) Increase hardenability
    (B) Reduce machinability
    (C) Increase wear resistance
    (D) Increase endurance strength

15. Neutral solution is one which has pH value
    (A) Greater than 7
    (B) Less than 7
    (C) Equal to 7
    (D) pH value has nothing to do with neutral solution

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