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Mechanical Engineering Quiz - set 03

Quiz Questions

01. If the level of tension in the belt is too high, it can result in a loss of power or in bending of the rotating shaft or crankshaft.

02. Intercooling in compressors results in saving of power in compressing given volume of air to a given pressure.

03. A steel with carbon above 0.8% is known as hypereutectoid steel.

04. Defrosting of a refrigerator may be done by stopping the compressor for a short period.

05. The overshot water wheels are those in which the wheel runs entirely by the ________ of water.

06. The diesel engines are also known as _________ engines.

07. Line organisation is suitable for a big organisation.

08. Cemented carbide tool tips are produced by powder metallurgy.

09. A grate, in a boiler, is a place in the combustion chamber upon which fuel (wood or coal) is burnt.

10. Hydrogen is the __________ substance.

11. All the commercial liquid fuels are derived from natural petroleum (or crude oil).

12. Surface plate is used to check the trueness of flat surfaces.

13. The heat transfer by conduction through a thick sphere is same as through a thick cylinder.

14. The temperature of air recorded by a thermometer, when the moisture present in it begins to condense, is called wet bulb temperature.

15. Ordinary water is sometimes used as moderator when enriched uranium is used as a fuel in nuclear power plants.

16. The boiling point of R-12 is about -30°C.

17. The detonation is also called knocking or pinking.

18. A round nose tool may be fed either from left to right end or from right to left end of the lathe bed.

19. A fine grained grinding wheel is used to grind hard materials.

20. An axial compressor gives optimum performance at high speeds and large volume flows.

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