Mechanical Engineering Quiz - set 04 - ObjectiveBooks

Mechanical Engineering Quiz - set 04

Quiz Questions

01. Maximum work is saved in a two stage reciprocating air compressor with incomplete intercooling.

02. The bloom is smaller than a billet.

03. In the first law of thermodynamics, the total energy of the system remains constant.

04. Coal gas is obtained by mixing coal and gas at ambient conditions.

05. A steel containing 12 to 14% chromium and 0.12 to 0.35% carbon is called martenistic stainless steel.

06. In a compressor, work is done on the piston during suction of air and work is done by the piston during compression as well as delivery of air.

07. The function of a carburettor is to control the amount and ratio of air-fuel mixture.

08. In big automobile repair shop, for elevating and moving the heavy parts such as complete engine assembly, gear box etc., an overhead crane and a fork lift truck is used.

09. In open combustion chamber in diesel engines, the shape and layout of the piston crown, the inlet port and the valve produce the turbulent effect of fuel mixture.

10. Representative time is the average of times recorded by work study man for an operation.

11. Loeffler boiler is a water tube boiler using a forced circulation of water.

12. The ratio of the heat equivalent to one kW hour to the heat in fuel per B.P. hour is termed as brake thermal efficiency.

13. Lamont boiler is a high pressure water tube steam boiler working on forced circulation.

14. A water cooled condenser operates at a _________ condensing temperature than an air-cooled condenser.

15. Work done by a turbine ________ upon the weight of water flowing per second.

16. In a centrifugal casting method, the impurities are collected in the centre of the casting.

17. The thermodynamic property of a system is said to be an intensive property whose value for the entire system __________ the sum of their value for the individual parts of the system.

18. The relative humidity decreases as air gets wet.

19. The absolute pressure of a given mass of a perfect gas varies inversely as its volume, when the temperature remains constant. This statement is known as Charles' law.

20. In a reciprocating pump, air vessels are fitted to the suction pipe and delivery pipe close to the cylinder of the pump.

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