Mechanical Engineering Quiz - Set 06 - ObjectiveBooks

Mechanical Engineering Quiz - Set 06

Quiz Questions

01. Incoloy, Hastelloy and Vitallium are __________ temperature alloys.

02. The material of pipe lines for a system using ammonia as a refrigerant should be copper.

03. In gas turbines, the work input with intercooling is ________ the work input with no intercooling.

04. In a fuel injection system, the electronic control module (ECM) calculates the optimum fuel injection volume for the engine condition based on the data received from the sensors, and injects this volume of fuel into the intake manifold at the optimum timing.

05. In an impulse turbine, the jet of water impinges on the bucket with a low velocity and after flowing over the vanes, leaves with a high velocity.

06. In diesel engines, the fuel is injected in the form of very fine spray, into the engine cylinder, which gets ignited due to high temperature of the compressed air.

07. The planning and scheduling of job order manufacturing differ from planning and scheduling of mass production manufacturing.

08. When the back gear is engaged in a back geared headstock, the spindle speed reduces considerably.

09. The temperature of condensate is __________ on leaving the condenser than that of circulating water at inlet.

10. In continuous chip cutting, the maximum heat is taken by the cutting tool.

11. In inventory control, the economic ordering quantity is obtained by the quantity whose procurement cost is equal to inventory carrying cost.

12. The detonating tendency in petrol engines increases with increase of compression ratio.

13. The capacity of a hydraulic accumulator is generally specified as the maximum amount of energy stored.

14. The greater the pressure difference in throttling, the lesser is the irreversibility.

15. The compressor capacity will be ________ if the temperature of intake air is lowest.

16. The wave length corresponding to the maximum energy is inversely proportional to the absolute temperature. This statement is called Planck's law.

17. The iron ore in the charge of blast furnace acts as an iron bearing mineral.

18. The breast water wheels are those in which the wheel runs partly by the weight of water and partly by the impulse of water.

19. A draught produced by a chimney due to the difference of densities between the hot gases inside the chimney and cold atmospheric air outside it, is called natural draught.

20. A closed system is one in which heat and work crosses the boundary of the system but the mass of the working substance does not crosses the boundary of the system.

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