Mechanical Engineering Quiz - Set 08 - ObjectiveBooks

Mechanical Engineering Quiz - Set 08

Quiz Questions

01. Carbon tool steels have low heat and wear resistance.

02. In a jet engine, the compression varies as the square of the speed.

03. The seat belt will move out smoothly when pulled out slowly, but it will lock when pulled quickly.

04. The pressure ratio in a centrifugal compressor can be increased by increasing the tip speed and lowering the inlet temperature.

05. Hindalium is an alloy of aluminium and magnesium with a small quantity of chromium.

06. Thermal conductivity of air increases with rise in temperature.

07. A draft tube is used with impulse turbines.

08. The unit million electron volts (Mev) is commonly used to measure the nuclear energy.

09. Monte Carlo solution in queuing theory is extremely useful in queuing problems that can not be analysed mathematically.

10. Back rake angle of a single point tool is the angle by which the face of the tool is inclined towards back.

11. In a reciprocating steam engine, the heat energy in the steam is converted into mechanical work by the to and fro motion of the piston.

12. The heating and expanding of a gas is called thermodynamic system.

13. In natural circulation steam boilers, the circulation of water is by convection currents which are set up during the heating of water.

14. Normal time is the ratio of representative time to the rating factor.

15. The knocking tendency in spark ignition engines can be decreased by adding dopes like tetra ethyl lead and ethylene di-bromide.

16. A hydraulic intensifier is a device used to increase the intensity of pressure of water by means of energy available from a large quantity of water at a low pressure.

17. At 100% relative humidity, wet bulb temperature, dry bulb temperature, dew point temperature and saturation temperature are equal.

18. Spheroidal grey cast iron has graphite flakes.

19. Free air is the air at atmospheric conditions at any specific location.

20. When cornering, the differential generates a difference in the speed of the left and right wheels.

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