Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Online Practice Test - Set 04 - ObjectiveBooks

Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Online Practice Test - Set 04

Practice Test: Question Set - 04

1. Condensing temperature in a refrigerator is the temperature
    (A) Of cooling medium
    (B) Of freezing zone
    (C) Of evaporator
    (D) At which refrigerant gas becomes liquid

2. In aircraft, air refrigeration Cycle is used because of
    (A) Low weight per tonne of refrigeration
    (B) High heat transfer rate
    (C) Low temperature at high altitudes
    (D) Higher coefficient of performance

3. Highest pressure encountered in a refrigeration system should be
    (A) Critical pressure of refrigerant
    (B) Much below critical pressure
    (C) Much above critical pressure
    (D) Near critical pressure

4. The refrigerant used for absorption refrigerators working on heat from solar collectors is a mixture of water and
    (A) Carbon dioxide
    (B) Sulphur dioxide
    (C) Lithium bromide
    (D) R-12

5. One ton of the refrigeration is
    (A) The standard unit used in refrigeration problems
    (B) The cooling effect produced by melting 1 ton of ice
    (C) The refrigeration effect to freeze 1 ton of water at 0°C into ice at 0°C in 24 hours
    (D) The refrigeration effect to produce 1 ton of ice at NTP conditions

6. The dry bulb temperature during sensible heating of air
    (A) Remains constant
    (B) Increases
    (C) Decreases
    (D) None of these

7. Vertical lines on pressure-enthalpy chart show constant
    (A) Pressure lines
    (B) Temperature lines
    (C) Total heat lines
    (D) Entropy lines

8. During heating and dehumidification process, dry bulb temperature
    (A) Remains constant
    (B) Increases
    (C) Decreases
    (D) None of these

9. The evolution of heat of solution takes place in ammonia absorption plant when
    (A) Ammonia vapour goes into solution
    (B) Ammonia vapour is driven out of solution
    (C) Lithium bromide mixes with ammonia
    (D) Weak solution mixes with strong solution

10. In a pressure enthalpy chart, the space to the left of the saturated liquid line represents
    (A) Wet vapour region
    (B) Superheated vapour region
    (C) Sub-cooled liquid region
    (D) None of these

11. In vapour compression cycle, the condition of refrigerant is high pressure saturated liquid
    (A) After passing through the condenser
    (B) Before passing through the condenser
    (C) After passing through the expansion or throttle valve
    (D) Before entering the expansion valve

12. In a bootstrap air evaporative cooling system, the evaporator is provided
    (A) Between the combustion chamber and the first heat exchanger
    (B) Between the first heat exchanger and the secondary compressor
    (C) Between the secondary compressor and the second heat exchanger
    (D) Between the second heat exchanger and the cooling turbine

13. The COP of a domestic refrigerator
    (A) Is less than 1
    (B) Is more than 1
    (C) Is equal to 1
    (D) Depends upon the make

14. The air cooling system mostly used in transport type aircrafts is
    (A) Simple air cooling system
    (B) Simple evaporative air cooling system
    (C) Bootstrap air cooling system
    (D) All of these

15. The higher temperature in vapour compression cycle occurs at
    (A) Receiver
    (B) Expansion valve
    (C) Evaporator
    (D) Compressor discharge

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