IC engine mcq Set - 13 - ObjectiveBooks

IC engine mcq Set - 13

Practice Test: Question Set - 13

1. In a four stroke cycle petrol engine, the pressure inside the engine cylinder during the suction stroke is __________ the atmospheric pressure.
    (A) Equal to
    (B) Below
    (C) Above
    (D) None of these

2. Diesel fuel, compared to petrol is
    (A) Less difficult to ignite
    (B) Just about the same difficult to ignite
    (C) More difficult to ignite
    (D) Highly ignitable

3. In a petrol engine, if diesel is used, then the engine will
    (A) Not run
    (B) Run more efficiently
    (C) Run at high speed
    (D) Explode

4. Installation of supercharger on a four cycle diesel engine can result in the following percentage increase in power
    (A) Up to 35%
    (B) Up to 50%
    (C) Up to 75%
    (D) Up to 100%

5. The thermal efficiency of diesel engines on weak mixtures is
    (A) Unaffected
    (B) Lower
    (C) Higher
    (D) Dependent on other factors

6. Combustion in compression ignition engines is
    (A) Homogeneous
    (B) Heterogeneous
    (C) Both (A) and (B)
    (D) Laminar

7. The colour of exhaust from diesel engine is generally
    (A) White
    (B) Bluish
    (C) Black
    (D) Violet

8. A diesel engine as compared to petrol engine (both running and rated load) is
    (A) More efficient
    (B) Less efficient
    (C) Equally efficient
    (D) Other factors will decide it

9. In a four stroke cycle petrol engine, the charge is ignited at
    (A) 30° before top dead center
    (B) 30° after top dead center
    (C) 30° before bottom dead center
    (D) 30° after bottom dead center

10. In case of gas turbines, the gaseous fuel consumption guarantees are based on
    (A) High heat value
    (B) Low heat value
    (C) Net calorific value
    (D) Calorific value

11. The knocking tendency in spark ignition engines may be decreased by
    (A) Controlling the air-fuel mixture
    (B) Controlling the ignition timing
    (C) Controlling the exhaust temperature
    (D) Reducing the compression ratio

12. The term scavenging is generally associated with
    (A) 2-stroke cycle engines
    (B) 4-stroke cycle engines
    (C) Aeroplane engines
    (D) High efficiency engines

13. Which of the following statement is correct regarding normal cetane?
    (A) It is a standard fuel used for knock rating of diesel engines
    (B) Its chemical name is normal hexadecane
    (C) It has long carbon chain structure
    (D) All of the above

14. Most high speed compression engines operate on
    (A) Otto cycle
    (B) Diesel cycle
    (C) Dual cycle
    (D) Carnot cycle

15. In a four stroke cycle diesel engine, the inlet valve
    (A) Opens at 20° before top dead center and closes at 40° after bottom dead center
    (B) Opens at 20° after top dead center and closes at 20° before bottom dead center
    (C) Opens at top dead center and closes at bottom dead center
    (D) May open and close anywhere

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