IC Engine online Test Set - 12 - ObjectiveBooks

IC Engine online Test Set - 12

Practice Test: Question Set - 12

1. A 75 cc engine has following parameter as 75 cc
    (A) Fuel tank capacity
    (B) Lube oil capacity
    (C) Swept volume
    (D) Cylinder volume

2. The combustion in compression ignition engines is
    (A) Homogeneous
    (B) Heterogeneous
    (C) Both (A) and (B)
    (D) None of these

3. Supercharging is essential in
    (A) Diesel engines
    (B) Gas turbines
    (C) Petrol engines
    (D) Aircraft engines

4. Which of the following fuel has little tendency towards detonation?
    (A) Benzene
    (B) Iso-octane
    (C) Normal heptane
    (D) Alcohol

5. Most high speed compression engines operate on
    (A) Diesel cycle
    (B) Otto cycle
    (C) Dual combustion cycle
    (D) Special type of air cycle

6. The higher combustion chamber wall temperature in compression ignition engines will _________ knocking tendency.
    (A) Increase
    (B) Reduce
    (C) Not effect
    (D) None of these

7. If the intake air temperature of I.C. engine increases, its efficiency will
    (A) Increase
    (B) Decrease
    (C) Remain same
    (D) None of these

8. Solid fuel fabricated into various small shapes, which are assembled to form fuel elements, is in the form of
    (A) Plates
    (B) Pallets
    (C) Pins
    (D) All of these

9. A heat engine utilizes the
    (A) Calorific value of oil
    (B) Low heat value of
    (C) High heat value of oil
    (D) Mean heat value of oil

10. Diesel as compared to petrol is
    (A) Highly ignitable
    (B) More difficult to ignite
    (C) Less difficult to ignite
    (D) None of these

11. The specific fuel consumption of a petrol engine compared to diesel engine of same H.P. is
    (A) Same
    (B) More
    (C) Less
    (D) Less or more depending on operating conditions

12. The increase of efficiency of a compression ignition engine, as the load decreases, is due to
    (A) Higher maximum temperature
    (B) Qualitative governing
    (C) Quantitative governing
    (D) Hit and miss governing

13. For the same compression ratio
    (A) Otto cycle is more efficient than the Diesel
    (B) Diesel cycle is more efficient than Otto
    (C) Both Otto and Diesel cycles are, equally efficient
    (D) Compression ratio has nothing to do with efficiency

14. The self ignition temperature of petrol is _________ as compared to diesel oil.
    (A) Same
    (B) Lower
    (C) Higher
    (D) None of these

15. In diesel engine, the compression ratio in comparison to expansion ratio is
    (A) Same
    (B) Less
    (C) More
    (D) Variable

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