I.C engines MCQ Set - 10 - ObjectiveBooks

I.C engines MCQ Set - 10

Practice Test: Question Set - 10

1. Air fuel ratio at which a petrol engine cannot work is
    (A) 8 : 1
    (B) 10 : 1
    (C) 15 : 1
    (D) 20 : 1 and less

2. A fuel of an octane number rating of 75 matches in knocking intensity as a mixture of
    (A) 75% iso-octane and 25% normal heptane
    (B) 75% normal heptane and 25% iso-octane
    (C) 75% petrol and 25% diesel
    (D) 75% diesel and 25% petrol

3. An hmh flame speed is obtained in diesel engine when air fuel ratio is
    (A) Uniform throughout the mixture
    (B) Chemically correct mixture
    (C) About 35% of rich mixture
    (D) About 10% of rich mixture

4. A supercharged engine as compared to an ordinary engine
    (A) Is lighter
    (B) Requires smaller foundations
    (C) Consumes less lubricating oil
    (D) All of these

5. The inlet value of a four stroke cycle I.C engine remains open for nearly
    (A) 180°
    (B) 125°
    (C) 235°
    (D) 200°

6. The basic requirement of a good combustion chamber is
    (A) Minimum turbulence
    (B) Low compression ratio
    (C) High thermal efficiency and power output
    (D) Low volumetric efficiency

7. The cam shaft of a four stroke I.C. engine running at 1500 rpm will run at
    (A) 1500 rpm
    (B) 750 rpm
    (C) 3000 rpm
    (D) Any value independent of engine speed

8. In a four stroke cycle petrol engine, the inlet valve
    (A) Opens at top dead center and closes at bottom dead center
    (B) Opens at 20° before top dead center and closes at 40° after bottom dead center
    (C) Opens at 20° after top dead center and closes at 20° before bottom dead center
    (D) May open or close anywhere

9. Which of the following is false statement? Some of the methods used to reduce diesel smoke are as follows
    (A) Using additives in the fuel
    (B) Increasing the compression ratio
    (C) Adherence to proper fuel specification
    (D) Avoidance of overloading

10. The frictional power (F.P.) is given by
    (A) F.P. = B.P. - I.P.
    (B) F.P. = I.P. - B.P.
    (C) F.P. = B.P./I.P.
    (D) F.P. = I.P./B.P.

11. The following volume of air is required for consuming 1 liter of fuel by a four stroke engine
    (A) 1 m3
    (B) 5 m3
    (C) 56 m3
    (D) 910 m3

12. The delay period in compression ignition engines depends upon
    (A) Temperature and pressure in the cylinder at the time of injection
    (B) Nature of the fuel mixture strength
    (C) Relative velocity between the fuel injection and air turbulence pressure of residual gases
    (D) All of the above

13. A diesel engine has
    (A) 1 valve
    (B) 2 valves
    (C) 3 valves
    (D) 4 valves

14. The mechanical efficiency (ηm) of the engine is given by
    (A) ηm = B.P/I.P
    (B) ηm = I.P/B.P
    (C) ηm = (B.P × I.P)/100
    (D) None of these

15. The output of a diesel engine can be increased without increasing the engine revolution or size in following way
    (A) Feeding more fuel
    (B) Heating incoming air
    (C) Scavenging
    (D) Supercharging

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