Multiple Choice Questions on Engineering Mechanics - Set 14 - ObjectiveBooks

Multiple Choice Questions on Engineering Mechanics - Set 14

Practice Test: Question Set - 14

1. A single force and a couple acting in the same plane upon a rigid body
    (A) Balance each other
    (B) Cannot balance each other
    (C) Produce moment of a couple
    (D) Are equivalent

2. The forces which meet at one point, but their lines of action __________ on the same plane, are Known as non-coplanar concurrent forces.
    (A) Lie
    (B) Do not lie
    (C) Either A or B
    (D) None of these

3. During elastic impact, the relative velocity of the two bodies after impact is __________ the relative velocity of the two bodies before impact.
    (A) Equal to
    (B) Equal and opposite to
    (C) Less than
    (D) Greater than

4. A force is completely defined when we specify
    (A) Magnitude
    (B) Direction
    (C) Point of application
    (D) All of the above

5. The rate of change of momentum is directly proportional to the impressed force, and takes place in the same direction in which the force acts. This statement is known as
    (A) Newton's first law of motion
    (B) Newton's second law of motion
    (C) Newton's third law of motion
    (D) None of these

6. The maximum efficiency of a screw jack is
    (A) (1 - sinφ)/(1 + sinφ)
    (B) (1 + sinφ)/(1 - sinφ)
    (C) (1 - tanφ)/(1 + tanφ)
    (D) (1 + tanφ)/(1 - tanφ)

7. The center of percussion of a solid cylinder of radius ‘r’ resting on a horizontal plane will be
    (A) r/2
    (B) 2r/3
    (C) r/A
    (D) 3r/2

8. The velocity ratio of a differential pulley block with D and d as the diameters of larger and smaller pulley, is
    (A) D/(D - d)
    (B) D/(D + d)
    (C) 2D/(D - d)
    (D) 2D/(D + d)

9. In a screw jack, the effort required to lower the load is __________ the effort required to raise the same load.
    (A) Less than
    (B) Equal to
    (C) More than
    (D) None of these

10. Tangent of angle of friction is equal to
    (A) Kinetic friction
    (B) Limiting friction
    (C) Angle of repose
    (D) Coefficient of friction

11. For a self locking machine, the efficiency must be
    (A) Equal to 50%
    (B) Less than 50%
    (C) Greater than 50%
    (D) 100%

12. If the number of pulleys in a system is equal to its velocity ratio, then it is a __________ system of pulleys.
    (A) First
    (B) Second
    (C) Third
    (D) None of these

13. Effect of a force on a body depends upon
    (A) Magnitude
    (B) Direction
    (C) Position or line of action
    (D) All of the above

14. The ideal angle of banking provided on the curves on roads depends upon
    (A) Weight of the vehicle
    (B) (Velocity)2 of the vehicle
    (C) Nature of the road surface
    (D) Coefficient of friction between the road and vehicle contact point

15. Two blocks ‘A’ and ‘B’ of masses 150 kg and 50 kg respectively are connected by means of a string as shown in the below figure. The tension in all the three strings __________ be same.
Engineering Mechanics question no. 15, set 14

    (A) Will
    (B) Will not
    (C) Either A or B
    (D) None of these

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