Power plant engineering practice test online - Set 05 - ObjectiveBooks

Power plant engineering practice test online - Set 05

Practice Test: Question Set - 05

1. The material most commonly used for shielding is
    (A) Carbon
    (B) Lead
    (C) Concrete
    (D) All of these

2. Reactors for propulsion applications use
    (A) Natural uranium
    (B) Molten lead
    (C) Any form of uranium
    (D) Thorium

3. The presence of reflector in nuclear power plants results in
    (A) Increased production of neutrons
    (B) Complete absorption of neutrons
    (C) Controlled production of neutrons
    (D) Decreased leakage of neutrons

4. Gas cooled reactor uses following materials as moderator, and coolant
    (A) Graphite, CO2
    (B) Graphite, air
    (C) Heavy water, CO2
    (D) Lead, H2

5. A moderator generally used in nuclear power plants is
    (A) Graphite
    (B) Heavy water
    (C) Concrete
    (D) Graphite and concrete

6. Which of the following particles is the lightest?
    (A) Nucleus
    (B) Electron
    (C) Proton
    (D) Meson

7. The mass number of a substance represents the sum of total number of
    (A) Protons and neutrons in an atom
    (B) Protons and electrons in an atom
    (C) Neutrons and electrons in an atom
    (D) Protons and neutrons in a nucleus

8. A moderator, apart from its high neutron slowing power, and low non-productive neutron, should be
    (A) Stable under nuclear radiation
    (B) Corrosion resistant
    (C) Good thermal conductor
    (D) All of these

9. A pressurized water reactor employs pressurizes for the following application
    (A) To maintain constant pressure in primary circuit under varying load
    (B) To Supply high pressure steam
    (C) To increase pressure of water in primary circuit
    (D) To provide sub cooled water at high pressure

10. Pressurized water reactor is designed
    (A) For boiling pi water in the core
    (B) To use liquid sodium metal as coolant
    (C) To use intermediate coolant
    (D) To prevent the water coolant from boiling in the core

11. Which of the following are ferrite materials?
    (A) U₂₃₃ and Pu₂₃₉
    (B) U
    (C) U₂₃₈ and Pu₂₃₉
    (D) U₂₃₈ and Th₂₃₉

12. The secondary fuel used in nuclear power plants is
    (A) U₂₃₃ and Pu₂₃₉
    (B) U₂₃₅ and Th₂₃₂
    (C) U₂₃₅ and Pu₂₃₈
    (D) U₂₃₃ and Pu₂₃₈

13. Atomic number of an element in the periodic table represents the numbers of
    (A) Protons in the nucleus
    (B) Electrons in the nucleus
    (C) Neutrons in the nucleus
    (D) Electrons in the atom

14. Pick up the wrong statement fast breeder reactors
    (A) Operate at extremely high power densities
    (B) Are liquid metal cooled
    (C) Produce more fuel than they consume
    (D) Use water as coolant

15. The nuclear radiators produced in a reactor which must be shielded are
    (A) Electrons
    (B) α, β and γ rays
    (C) Neutron and gamma rays
    (D) None of these

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