Theory test practice power plant engineering - Set 03 - ObjectiveBooks

Theory test practice power plant engineering - Set 03

Practice Test: Question Set - 03

1. A nuclear fission is initiated when the critical energy as compared to neutron binding energy of the atoms is
    (A) Same
    (B) More
    (C) Less
    (D) There is no such criterion

2. In a thermal power plant, coal from the coal handling plant is moved to the boiler bunker through a
    (A) Belt conveyor
    (B) Bucket conveyor
    (C) Fork lift truck
    (D) Overhead crane

3. In the breeder reactors the generation of new fissionable atom is
    (A) At the lower rate than the consumption
    (B) At a higher rate than the consumption
    (C) At an equal rate of the consumption
    (D) Depends on other considerations

4. The most practical fuel for a thermonuclear reactor, both from economical and nuclear consideration is
    (A) Plutonium
    (B) Uranium
    (C) Deuterium
    (D) Thorium

5. A power plant giving least running cost of production of electrical power is
    (A) Steam power plant
    (B) Gas turbine power plant
    (C) Hydro electric power plant
    (D) Nuclear power plant

6. The breeding gain in case of thermal breeder reactor as compared to fast breeder reactor is
    (A) Same
    (B) Lower
    (C) Higher
    (D) Unity

7. The energy produced by a thermal reactor of same size as a breeder reactor is
    (A) Almost same
    (B) Slightly more
    (C) Slightly less
    (D) Much less

8. Which of the following nuclear reactor does not need a heat exchanger for generation of steam?
    (A) Gas cooled
    (B) Liquid metal cooled
    (C) Pressurised water
    (D) Boiling water

9. Reactors designed for propulsion applications are designed for
    (A) Natural uranium
    (B) Enriched uranium
    (C) Pure uranium
    (D) Any type of uranium

10. The primary fuel used in nuclear power plants is
    (A) U₂₃₅
    (B) U₂₃₈
    (C) Pu₂₃₉
    (D) Pu₂₃₃

11. In natural uranium, the constituents of three naturally occurring isotopes are
    (A) U₂₃₄ = 0.006%, U₂₃₅ = 0.712% and U₂₃₈ = 99.282%
    (B) U₂₃₄ = 0.712%, U₂₃₅ = 0.006% and U₂₃₈ = 99.282%
    (C) U₂₃₄ = 99.282%, U₂₃₅ = 0.006% and U₂₃₈ = 0.712%
    (D) U₂₃₄ = 0.006%, U₂₃₅ = 99.282% and U₂₃₈ = 0.712%

12. The commonly used material for shielding is
    (A) Lead or concrete
    (B) Lead and tin
    (C) Graphite or cadmium
    (D) Thick galvanized sheets

13. When a reactor becomes critical, then the production of neutrons is
    (A) Infinite
    (B) Zero
    (C) Exactly balanced by the loss of neutrons through leakage
    (D) Initiated

14. A nuclear unit becoming critical means
    (A) It is generating power to rated capacity
    (B) It is capable of generating much more than rated capacity
    (C) There is danger of nuclear spread
    (D) Chain reaction that causes automatic splitting of the fuel nuclei has been established

15. The predominant isotope of the naturally occurring element is
    (A) U₂₃₅
    (B) U₂₃₈
    (C) Pu₂₃₃
    (D) Pu₂₃₉

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