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Compressors, Gas Turbines and Jet Engines MCQ Practice Test

Practice Test: Question Set - 20

1. Fighter bombers use following type of engine
    (A) Turbojet
    (B) Turbo-propeller
    (C) Rocket
    (D) Ramjet

2. The effective power of gas turbines is increased by adding the following in compressor
    (A) Ammonia and water vapour
    (B) Carbon dioxide
    (C) Nitrogen
    (D) Hydrogen

3. High air-fuel ratio is used in gas turbines
    (A) To increase the output
    (B) To increase the efficiency
    (C) To save fuel
    (D) To reduce the exit temperature

4. Air-fuel ratio in a jet engine will be of the order of
    (A) 10: 1
    (B) 15: 1
    (C) 20: 1
    (D) 60: 1

5. In which case the air-fuel ratio is likely to be maximum?
    (A) Gas turbine
    (B) 4-stroke petrol engine
    (C) 4-stroke diesel engine
    (D) Multi cylinder engine

6. In turbo fan engine, the jet velocity as compared to turbojet engine is
    (A) Less
    (B) More
    (C) Same
    (D) May be less or more depending upon speed

7. Turbofan engine employs
    (A) One air stream
    (B) Two or more air streams
    (C) No air stream
    (D) Solid fuel firing

8. Pressure ratio in gas turbines is the ratio of
    (A) Compressor pressure ratio
    (B) Highest pressure to exhaust pressure
    (C) Inlet pressure to exhaust pressure
    (D) Pressures across the turbine

9. Pick up the false statement
    (A) Gas turbine is a self starting unit
    (B) Gas turbine does not require huge quantity of water like steam plant
    (C) Exhaust losses in gas turbine are high due to large mass flow rate
    (D) Overall efficiency of gas turbine plant is lower than that of a reciprocating engine

10. The pressure and temperature conditions of air at the suction of compressor are
    (A) Atmospheric
    (B) Slightly more than atmospheric
    (C) Slightly less than atmospheric
    (D) Pressure slightly less than atmospheric and temperature slightly more than atmospheric

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