Hydraulics and Fluid Mechanics Multiple Choice Quiz - Set 03 - ObjectiveBooks

Hydraulics and Fluid Mechanics Multiple Choice Quiz - Set 03

Quiz Questions

01. In a convergent mouthpiece, the absolute pressure head at vena contracta is the same as that of the atmosphere.

02. The separation of flow occurs when the hydrodynamic boundary layer thickness is reduced to zero.

03. A fluid whose viscosity changes with the rate of deformation or shear strain is known as Non-Newtonian fluid.

04. All the gases are considered to have compressible flow and all the liquids are considered to have incompressible flow.

05. When the end contractions of the weir are suppressed, then number of end contractions (n) are taken as zero.

06. The formula for discharge over a sharp-crested weir and Ogee weir is same as that of a rectangular weir.

07. The ratio of the inertia force to the surface tension force is called Weber's number.

08. The ratio of velocity of fluid in an undisturbed stream to the velocity of sound wave is known as Mach number.

09. The loss of head due to an obstruction in a pipe is twice the loss of head at its entrance.

10. The specific gravity has no units.

11. The velocity at which the turbulent flow starts is known as higher critical velocity.

12. Kinematic viscosity is the product of dynamic viscosity and the density of the liquid.

13. A venturi flume is a flumed structure constructed across a channel by restricting its width.

14. A siphon is used to connect two reservoirs at different levels intervened by a high ridge.

15. The depth of water in a channel corresponding to the minimum specific energy is known as critical depth.

16. The shear stress-strain graph for a Non-Newtonian fluid is a curve.

17. The specific weight of compressible fluids does not remain constant.

18. The reciprocal of Euler's number is called Newton number.

19. The density of a liquid in kg/m^3 is numerically equal to its specific gravity.

20. The velocity of flow is same at all points in the cross-section of a channel.

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