Industrial Engineering practice test online - Set 12 - ObjectiveBooks

Industrial Engineering practice test online - Set 12

Practice Test: Question Set - 12

1. If a worker gets a daily wage of Rs HA, then according to Rowan plan, his maximum daily earnings can be
    (A) 2 HA
    (B) 1.33 HA
    (C) 1.5 HA
    (D) 1.15 HA

2. Which of the following conditions are necessary for applying linear programming?
    (A) These must be a well defined objective function.
    (B) The decision variables should be interrelated and nonnegative.
    (C) The resources must be in limited supply.
    (D) All of the above

3. In queuing theory, the nature of the waiting situation can be studied and analysed mathematically if
    (A) Complete details of items in, waiting line are known
    (B) Arrival and waiting times are known and can be grouped to form a waiting line model
    (C) All variables and constants are known and form a linear equation
    (D) The laws governing arrivals, service times, and the order in which the arriving units are taken into source are known

4. According to Muther, the basic principle of best layout is
    (A) Principle of overall integration
    (B) Principle of flow
    (C) Principle of flexibility
    (D) All of these

5. If E is the duration, ES and EF are die earliest start and finish times, LS and LF are latest start and finish times, then the following relation holds good
    (A) EF = ES + D
    (B) LS = LFD
    (C) LF = LS + D
    (D) All of the above

6. PERT/CPM, techniques can be used for following applications
    (A) Once through project
    (B) Maintenance jobs
    (C) Research and development
    (D) All of the above

7. A graphical device used to determine the break-even point and profit potential under varying conditions of output and costs, is known as
    (A) Gantt chart
    (B) Flow chart
    (C) Break-even chart
    (D) PERT chart

8. Work study is mainly aimed at
    (A) Determining the most efficient method of performing a job
    (B) Establishing the minimum time of completion of a job
    (C) Developing the standard method and standard time of a job
    (D) Economizing the motions involved on the part of the worker while performing a job

9. Standard time as compared to normal time is
    (A) Greater
    (B) Smaller
    (C) Equal
    (D) There is no such correlation

10. Travel charts are used to
    (A) Analyze material handling
    (B) Determine inventory control difficulties
    (C) Plan material handling procedure and routes
    (D) All of the above

11. One time measurement unit (TMU) in method time measurement system equals
    (A) 0.0001 minute
    (B) 0.0006 minute
    (C) 0.006 minute
    (D) 0.001 minute

12. Material handling in automobile industry is done by
    (A) Overhead crane
    (B) Trolley
    (C) Belt conveyor
    (D) All of the above

13. Which of the following statement is correct?
    (A) A-B-C analysis is based on Pareto's principle
    (B) Simulation can be used for inventory control
    (C) Economic order quantity formula ignores variations in demand pattern
    (D) All of the above

14. Product layout is employed for
    (A) Batch production
    (B) Continuous production
    (C) Effective utilization of machine
    (D) All of the above

15. The technique of value analysis can be applied to
    (A) Complicated items only
    (B) Simple items only
    (C) Crash programmer items only
    (D) Any item.

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