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Machine Design Quiz - Set 02

Quiz Questions

01. A connecting rod is four times strong in buckling about Y-axis than about X-axis.

02. In a crossed belt drive, the shafts are arranged parallel and rotate in the same directions.

03. The square threads are not as strong as V-threads but they offer less frictional resistance to motion than Whitworth threads.

04. In order to obtain the bolts of uniform strength, an axial hole is drilled through the head as far as the threaded portion such that the area of shank becomes equal to the root area of the thread.

05. When the lubricant is forced between the journal and the bearing by external pressure, the bearing is called hydrostatic lubricated bearing.

06. The spindles of bench vices are usually provided with knuckle threads.

07. The algebraic difference between the actual size and the corresponding basic size is called actual deviation.

08. A material is stressed within elastic limit and its linear strain is double as compared to lateral strain. The ratio of its Bulk modulus to Young's modulus will be equal to one.

09. The interference may only be avoided if the addendum circles of the two mating gears cut the common tangent to the base circles between the points of tangency.

10. The Lewis equation for gear tooth with involute profile predicts the static load capacity of cantilever beam of uniform strength.

11. A turn buckle is used to connect two round rods subjected to tensile loading and requiring subsequent adjustment for tightening or loosening.

12. The effect of key ways on a shaft is to reduce its load carrying capacity and to increase its torsional rigidity.

13. In a V-belt drive, the belt makes contact at the bottom of the groove of the pulley.

14. A connecting rod subjected to an axial load may buckle in the plane perpendicular to the plane of motion of the connecting rod.

15. According to Guest's theory, the failure occurs at a point in a member when the maximum shear stress in a biaxial stress system reaches the shear stress at elastic limit in simple tension test.

16. A sliding bearing in which the working surfaces are completely separated from each other by lubricant is called zero film bearing.

17. When two parallel and coplanar shafts are connected by gears having teeth parallel to the axis of the shaft, the arrangement is known as spiral gearing.

18. A flange coupling is a type of rigid coupling.

19. In a sawn nut, a slot is cut about half way through the nut and a small screw is tightened between the nut and the bolt in order to produce more friction.

20. When the effort is in between the fulcrum and load, the lever is said to be of third type.

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