Manufacturing Engineering Online Quiz - Set 02 - ObjectiveBooks

Manufacturing Engineering Online Quiz - Set 02

Production & Manufacturing Engineering Online Quiz: Set 02

Quiz Questions

01. The part of the tool on which cutting edge is formed is called nose.

02. If the shear angle is large and the chip-tool contact area is low, then the tool life will be more.

03. To grind brittle materials, a coarse grained grinding wheel is used.

04. The cutting force in down milling is maximum when the tooth begins its cut and reduces to minimum when the tooth leaves the work.

05. An operation of enlarging the end of a hole cylindrically is known as grooving.

06. When the grinding wheel is marked by the letters from I to P, it indicates that the grinding wheel is of hard grade.

07. In continuous chip cutting, the maximum heat __________ the velocity of cutting.

08. In metal cutting operations, chips are formed due to plastic deformation of the metal.

09. The hole drilled for tapping should be smaller than the tap size by twice the depth of thread.

10. The lip clearance angle should decrease towards the centre of the drill than at the circumference.

11. The cutting speed is zero at the periphery and it is maximum at the centre of the drill.

12. The plain milling machine is more rigid and heavier in construction than a universal milling machine of the same size.

13. The cutting speed of a drill varies from point to point on the cutting edge of the drill.

14. The continuous chips are in the form of long coils having the same thickness throughout.

15. Side rake angle on tools is provided to control chip flow.

16. Crater wear is usually found while machining brittle materials.

17. The chisel edge angle of a drill is usually 120° to 135°.

18. The helix angle of a drill is more than 30° for drilling aluminium.

19. Gears can be cut on a shaper.

20. A round nose tool has no back rake and side rake.

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